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  • Final regional campus tour dates set

    IU School of Medicine’s regional campus tour series concludes this month with the following visits:

    • IU School of Medicine-South Bend: Tuesday, March 7
    • IU School of Medicine-Evansville: Thursday, March 23
    • IU School of Medicine-Indianapolis: Thursday, March 30*

    *Ruth Lilly Medical Library, Room 317: 11 am-1 pm and 5:30-7 pm

    Regional tour visits are designed to enhance how IU School of Medicine operates as one school. Department chairs, clerkship directors and coordinators, and associate and assistant deans from Medical Student Education are visiting all nine campuses on the Medical Adventures Soaring to new Heights (MASH) bus tour. Dean Jay Hess and other executive and associate deans are also participating.

    As part of the daylong gatherings at South Bend and Evansville, faculty are discussing best practices, troubleshooting issues and meeting with students to share advice about career choices. Leadership from local health care affiliates that host clerkship rotations also attend.

    At Indianapolis, first- and second-year students are invited to meet with department chairs and clerkship directors from 11 am-1 pm to discuss advice about career choices. Third- and fourth-year students are invited to meet with department chairs and residency program directors from 5:30-7 pm. Representatives from student support services will be on hand for both sessions.

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  • Military Match: IU School of Medicine student follows grandfather?s legacy

    Hunt Hardisty next to a portrait of Admiral Huntington Hardisty at the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island.

    Six final-year medical students at IU School of Medicine were recently matched into military residency programs. For the next 3 to 5 years they will continue their medical training as active-duty physicians at military health care facilities. Four students matched in the Navy, while one student each will be reporting to the Army and the Air Force.

    Among the students who were matched in the Navy is Huntington “Hunt” Hardisty, grandson of Admiral Huntington Hardisty, a celebrated veteran and former Vice Chief of Naval Operations. He also served as president of the Naval War College and commander-in-chief of the United States Pacific Command (CINCPAC).

    Originally from San Diego, Hunt Hardisty will be returning to his hometown for a residency in psychiatry at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego. Hunt is excited that he will be able to both serve his country and provide health care to service members and their families.

    Since the age of 8, Hunt had a desire to be a physician, at the same time, his grandfather’s integrity, patriotism and passion to serve the nation were highly influential in his life. By becoming a doctor in the Navy, he is not only following in his grandfather’s footsteps, but also taking after his mother and grandmother, who were physicians as well.

    “Being a physician and serving in the Navy might seem like two separate pursuits but they meshed well for me. I joined the Navy in August 2013, right before I began classes at IU School of Medicine,” says Hunt.

    Hunt’s military scholarship requires a commitment of four years in the armed forces, but he plans to make a career out of it. “After residency, I plan to stay with the Navy for 20-plus years. I see myself based around the world, taking care of active duty servicemen and retirees at home and abroad,” he adds.

    Just like his grandfather, Hunt wants to be persistent and make the most of his potential--academically, physically and emotionally. “Through his 43 years in the Navy, my grandfather exemplified the leadership and integrity of a naval officer. Similarly, I would like to be an integral part of the armed forces and strengthen and support our readiness to serve the country.”

    Results of the military match for this year were announced in December 2016. The civilian Match Day for the class of 2017 is Friday, March 17.

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  • Match Day just two weeks away

    Match Day for the class of 2017 will be held on Friday, March 17, in the Van Nuys Medical Science Atrium on the IU School of Medicine-Indianapolis campus.

    IU School of Medicine students will join medical students from across the nation to open their envelopes with details provided by the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) at precisely noon (EST) to learn where they will spend the next chapter of their lives in medicine.

    Limited seating is available for Match Day. Students and families will receive preference regarding space on the first floor of the atrium. It’s recommended that IU School of Medicine faculty and staff consider supporting the students from the second and fourth floor balconies.

    For the Match Day 2017 event timeline and information on visitor parking, visit Medical Student Education.

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  • Mini Medical School public lecture series to be hosted at South Bend campus

    One of northern Indiana’s oldest and most established lecture series resumes Wednesday, March 15, with the first of six Mini Medical School discussions on health and health care at the IU School of Medicine-South Bend.

    The 21st annual series will touch on treatment advances, the future of medicine and chronic health issues. Presentations take place on consecutive Wednesdays from 7-8:30 pm through April 19 in Raclin-Carmichael Hall, 1234 Notre  Dame Ave., in South Bend. The series is sponsored by the Medical Education Foundation, the citizen’s advisory group of the medical school South Bend center.

    Mini Medical School series schedule
    Wednesday, March 15
    “Everything You Wanted to Know about Sleep (But Were Too Tired to Ask)”
    Gary Fromm, MD, medical director, Memorial Sleep Disorder Center
    Wednesday, March 22
    “Living Well: Quality of Life Considerations at Life's End”
    Mark Murray, president and CEO, Center for Hospice Care, and Mark Sandock, MD, St. Joseph Regional Medical Center and Michiana Life Wishes Coalition
    Wednesday, March 29
    “Indiana’s Precision Health Initiative”
    Anantha Shekhar, MD, PhD, IU School of Medicine
    Wednesday, April 5
    “The Evolving Landscape of Joint Replacement”
    Mark Klaassen, MD, Elkhart, Indiana, orthopedic surgeon
    Wednesday, April 12
    “The Future Is Here: Emerging Trends in Cancer Therapy”
    Rafat Ansari, MD, and Jose Bufill, MD, Michiana Hematology Oncology, Inc.
    Wednesday, April 19
    “Thriving with Diabetes”
    Ebonee Davis, MD, South Bend Clinic

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  • Evening of the Arts is April 8

    Plan to attend the IU School of Medicine Evening of the Arts on Saturday, April 8, at Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet School in Indianapolis. This annual event showcases the creative talents of IU School of Medicine students, faculty and staff with proceeds benefitting local health care clinics in Indianapolis.

    Over the past 25 years, Evening of the Arts has donated tens of thousands of dollars to local health care clinics for the underserved populations of Indianapolis. Funds donated to these clinics are raised through ticket sales, the silent auction, and donations from individuals and businesses.

    Tickets are now on sale: $8 for students (before April 8) and $10 at the door; and non-student tickets are $12 each (before April 8) and $15 at the door. For more information about the event, visit

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Research News

  • IU, Purdue scientists design epigenetic ?key? to editing stem cells in the brain

    Scientists at Indiana University School of Medicine and Purdue University have developed a novel way to turn a gene on and off in the brain—a finding that could lead to new therapies for cancers and other genetic diseases.

    The interdisciplinary team of neurologists and biological engineers discovered they could use a toolbox of light-sensitive proteins and enzymes, combined with a blue light, to alter the epigenetic state of the gene Ascl1, which acts as a switchboard telling stem cells in the brain what to turn into.

    Their findings, recently published in Nature’s Scientific Reports, could have implications for a variety of genetic diseases, said Feng C. Zhou, PhD, a neuroscientist and professor of anatomy and cell biology at IU School of Medicine.

    Epigenetics is the study of chemical reactions that activate and deactivate parts of the genome, which is the complete set of DNA and hereditary information in an organism. While a person’s genome is the same in every cell, their epigenome responds to environmental factors such as stress, diet and toxins, and therefore can change and trigger diseases, he said.

    “The ability to determine the fate of neural stem cells may one day be applied to produce neurons in Down syndrome or to reduce the malignancy of brain tumors,” Dr. Zhou said. “Our research presents one more hope that, if caught in an early stage, these diseases can be reversed in the future.”

    For more information on the findings, visit IU School of Medicine Newsroom.

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Faculty and Staff News

  • Gunderman named John A. Campbell Professor of Radiology

    This month, Richard Gunderman, MD, PhD, MPH, Chancellor’s Professor in the schools of medicine, liberal arts and philanthropy, was named John A. Campbell Professor of Radiology. Previous holders of the Campbell professorship include Valerie Jackson, MD, and John Lappas, MD.

    “Jack” Campbell served as chairman of the IU department of radiology from 1955 to 1970. “He was a dedicated leader who helped build a thriving academic radiology department,” said Dr. Gunderman. “As a leader, he sought not only to promote quality and productivity, but also to serve larger ethical and political ends.” Campbell was an activist with strong opinions on civil liberties and rights in the age of McCarthyism.

    When Campbell reflected on his greatest contributions, he mentioned his role as a founding member of the Association of University Radiologists and his efforts after he left IU to build a radiology program in Los Angeles that would enable the underserved to play a greater role in meeting the needs of their own community.

    “Jack was a superb clinical radiologist and outstanding teacher, but above all, he took seriously his responsibility to make a difference,” Dr. Gunderman said. “It’s a real honor to labor in his shadow.”

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  • Sadhasivam named vice chair for research, Department of Anesthesia

    Senthilkumar Sadhasivam, MD, has accepted the position of vice chair for research for the IU School of Medicine Department of Anesthesia and anesthesiologist in chief at Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health. In his role as vice chair for research, he will develop a Center for Anesthesia Research Excellence (CARE) to facilitate and promote clinically significant and impactful research, and provide transformational mentorship to junior faculty and fellows.

    Dr. Sadhasivam is a graduate of Thanjavur Medical College in India. He has completed anesthesia residencies both in India (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) and at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard School of Medicine, in Boston. He has also completed a pediatric anesthesia fellowship at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and a master of public health at the Harvard School of Public Health.

    In his current position as professor at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Dr. Sadhasivam has developed many new clinical service lines, including the perioperative pain service and services outside the operating room. He has presided over significant growth in these services with continued improvement in quality.

    Dr. Sadhasivam comes to Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health with a vision of building new exemplary clinical programs, including personalized pain management in children and anesthesia for fetal surgery. 

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Student News

  • Questions about fees and refunds? Check the policy

    The Fees Assessment and Tuition Refund Policy is now available in the student handbook, which is housed on the IU School of Medicine website. Several recently approved medical education policies relating to attendance, professional conduct and other syllabus and faculty updates also are available in the handbook.

    Feedback from learners and faculty played a key role in encouraging the Curriculum Council Steering Committee (CCSC) to consider policy updates. As policies are approved, they are tagged and indexed in preparation for housing on MedNet. Ultimately, all policies will be available within a single verified official portal on MedNet, which will be linked from the student handbook and other online locations.

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  • Save the date: Senior Banquet is May 12

    The IU School of Medicine Class of 2017 Senior Banquet and Awards Ceremony will be held at 6 pm, Friday, May 12, at the JW Marriott Grand Ballroom in downtown Indianapolis. Students, family, friends, faculty and staff will gather to celebrate student accomplishments and recognize exceptional students and faculty for their hard work. The evening will begin with a cocktail hour at 6 pm followed by a three-course dinner and awards program at 7 pm.

    There is no charge to attend for graduating students, but they must RSVP. Family, friends, faculty and staff will have an opportunity to purchase tickets prior to the event.

    Special overnight room rates have been secured on behalf of Indiana University School of Medicine Senior Banquet & Graduation weekend. Reservations are available at both the JW Marriott and Courtyard on a first come, first serve basis until Wednesday, April 12. For room rates and hotel information, visit Medical Student Education.

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  • Choi to receive 2017 Mark Brothers Award; lecture is March 6

    Augustine M.K. Choi, MD, will present his lecture “Can Inhaled Carbon Monoxide at Physiologic Dose be a Therapy in Human Disease?” from 3-4:15 pm, Monday, March 6, in Walther Hall, Room 203.

    Dr. Choi, an internationally renowned physician scientist in the field of lung disease, has been named the recipient of the 2017 Mark Brothers Award. Dr. Choi is the Sanford I. Weill Chairman of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College. He has authored more than 235 original publications in peer-reviewed journals, plus 16 book chapters and 60 reviews.

    The Mark Brothers Award was created by Guey C. Mark, MD, an IU School of Medicine alumnus, and his wife to recognize nationally and internationally renowned medical scientists of Asian descent.

    To register, visit

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  • Indiana CTSI core pilot funding now available

    The Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute is now accepting applications for pilot funding for research use of core facilities. The Indiana CTSI core pilot funding program is intended to promote the use of technologies and expertise afforded by the CTSI core facilities available at all partner institutions.

    Examples of eligible projects include:

    • obtaining critical preliminary data for a grant application (either new award or competing renewal)
    • obtaining a critical reagent or resource for new studies (a new transgenic or knockout mouse model, for example)
    • pilot experiments to test a new idea or establish a new line of research

    The CTSI Core Pilot Grants program has the specific goal of funding projects with outstanding scientific merit that can be linked to generating extramural funding or novel intellectual property (IP). Proposals will be judged on the likelihood of generating new IP or extramural grant support along with scientific merit.

    Applications to this program are expected to have a maximum requested amount of $10,000. Application deadline is Monday, April 24. For details, visit

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  • IUPUI Student Research Day is April 7

    Celebrate student (faculty-mentored) research that is helping IUPUI fulfill the promise of endless possibilities through discovery, exploration and innovation. The 2017 IUPUI Student Research Day is from 10 am-2 pm, Friday, April 7, in Hine Hall and University Tower on the IUPUI campus. Research day registration is available.

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  • Sign up for next accent modification class

    International medical professionals are invited to enroll for the upcoming accent modification (AEI) course, which begins Wednesday, March 22. The class meets on 11 consecutive Wednesdays 5:15- 7:15 pm, at IU Health Methodist Hospital (Candlelight Room, A3050-A). The goal of AEI is to improve participants' spoken communications with colleagues, patients and staff through modification not elimination of their international accents.

    For more information and to register, visit

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Partner News

  • ?The Scan? replaces ?eNews for Docs?

    IU Health launched a new monthly physician newsletter earlier this week. “The Scan” (formerly “eNews for Docs”) delivers news and information to IU health academic health center doctors “who want and need relevant, easily readable content this is presented with a physician’s point of view.”

    In addition to important compliance and regulatory updates, “The Scan” will:

    • Provide exclusive updates from Medical Staff Executive Committee (MSEC) members
    • Feature personal interest stories about doctors who are doing interesting things, including mentoring others and helping the next generation of physicians prepare for their future
    • Highlight issues and topics of interest to physicians, including legislative actions
    • Link to self-care content that adds value to conversations about physician wellness and burnout 
    • Summarize the most important and need-to-know updates from IU Health and its leadership team

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Around Campus

  • Indy--?A Conversation with Muslim Women? is March 7

    In recognition of International Women's Day, join the IUPUI campus community for "A Conversation with Muslim Women: Islamophobia, Sexism and Daily Life Challenges." This event will take place Tuesday, March 7, in Campus Center Room 305. Doors open at 5:30 pm, and the panel discussion will be from 6-7:30 pm. Refreshments will be served.

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