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  • Match Day takes place tomorrow in the IUPUI Campus Center

    The long-anticipated day is almost here. On Friday, March 16, more than 300 future physicians at IU School of Medicine will learn where they will take the next step of their medical education journey during the exciting Match Day ceremony. Match Day 2018 will take place in the IUPUI Campus Center, CE 450, on the IU School of Medicine-Indianapolis campus. Doors open at 11 am, and match results will be revealed at noon. Learn more about the Match process and IU School of Medicine residency programs

    Match Day is celebrated annually at medical schools across the country and involves the simultaneous opening of envelopes unveiling the institution to which graduating medical students have “matched” for their residency training. Matches are administered by the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP).

    The program will be streamed live via Facebook Live on IU School of Medicine’s Facebook page. Fourth-year students can check out what to expect and prepare for the big day.

    Students: Be sure to use the IU School of Medicine Match Day 2018 Snapchat geofilter for your celebrations on Friday. It will be available from 11 am-2 pm at the IUPUI Campus Center.

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  • Still need your CrimsonCard? Here?s how to get one

    If you still need to replace your current IU School of Medicine ID cards with IU’s university-wide CrimsonCard, don’t delay. The deadline is June 30, 2018.

    The distribution process for new cards that provide access to both IU and IU Health facilities through a single CrimsonCard is now complete. This means all current IU School of Medicine students, faculty and staff (part time and full time), and affiliates, including residents and fellows, must obtain a CrimsonCard before June 30. All current JagTag and IU School of Medicine ID cards will stop working on this date.

    The details you need to know are included in a list of frequently asked questions, including information for colleagues at regional campuses.

    Here is how to get started on the Indianapolis campus:

    Step 1: Visit the CrimsonCard (formerly JagTag) office in the IUPUI Campus Center or Informatics & Communications Technology Complex to get a CrimsonCard. Be sure to tell the representative you need the IU School of Medicine multi-function card (also called the triple-technology card).

    Step 2: If you use your ID to access IU Health facilities, email your CrimsonCard information to IU Health. (Read FAQ for specifics.)

    Step 3: Hold onto your old ID, because access to IU Health buildings will not immediately transfer to your CrimsonCard.

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  • Graphic designer joins Visual Media; check out the team?s services

    The Visual Media team has added a new full-time designer to meet IU School of Medicine’s creative needs.

    Jennifer Crothers joins the office from Simon Property Group, where she served on the digital marketing team. She is adept in digital design for all platforms, including web, social media, blogs and email, and is also well-versed in traditional print design.

    Crothers’ digital background rounds out the expertise available through the Office of Visual Media, which provides comprehensive, brand-compliant creative services to the IU School of Medicine community at affordable rates. The office also offers seamless internal billing.

    Services available through Visual Media include:

    • Photography, including professional headshots
    • Poster printing
    • Digital and print design
    • Medical Illustration
    • Digital letterhead
    • Official lockups and signatures (logos)
    • Brand consultation

    The Office of Visual Media is also your one-stop shop for PowerPoint and poster templates branded with the IU School of Medicine mark or cobranded with IU Health.

    Contact Visual Media at 317-274-7478 or to discuss your project or schedule a portrait session.

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Research News

  • Clinical trial begins with drug developed at IU

    Enrollment has begun at IU Simon Cancer Center for a phase I clinical study of a drug designed to have an anti-cancer effect while protecting against chemotherapy-induced peripheral nerve damage, a common side effect when patients are exposed to certain types of chemotherapy.

    The clinical study of the orally administered drug, APX3330, is the first to explore its use in patients with advanced cancer. Preclinical data indicates that APX3330 inhibits the cancer-promoting activity of a dual function protein called APE1/Ref-1 without interfering with the nerve cell protection activity of the protein.

    The clinical study is the outgrowth of nearly 30 years of research by Mark Kelley, PhD, associate director of basic science research at the cancer center.

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  • February research awards total more than $5.6 million

    Investigator Sponsor Type Project Title Begin Date End Date Awarded Dollars
    Micheala A. Aldred National Heart, Lung And Blood Institute New Nonsense Readthrough: a Therapeutic Approach to Inherited Vascular Disorders 2/9/18 3/31/18 209,475
    Armin Blesch National Institute Neurological Disorders & Stroke New Sensorimotor training and cortical mechanisms of pain after spinal cord injury 2/15/18 1/31/19 196,875
    Michelle L Block National Institute Of Environmental Hlth Sciences New The Neuroimmune Hypothesis of Paraquat: Connecting the Periphery and Brain 2/1/18 1/31/19 348,235
    David A Boothman National Cancer Institute New RPRD1B/Kub5/Hera, an RNA Pol II determinant that controls PARPi & IR sensitivity 12/1/17 6/30/18 314,880
    David A Boothman National Cancer Institute New use of Beta-lapachone for Lung Cancer Chemotherapy 12/1/17 6/30/18 251,327
    David A Boothman Georgia Institute Of Technology New Model-based Prediction of Redox-Modulated Responses to Cancer Treatments 12/1/17 8/31/18 117,652
    David A Boothman National Cancer Institute New Tumor-selective use of PARP inhibitors against NQO1+ nonsmall cell lung cancer 12/1/17 11/30/18 388,637
    Hal E Broxmeyer National Heart, Lung And Blood Institute New Controlling Influences of Oxygen Tension and CD26/DPP4 Enzymatic Activity on Regulation of Hematopoietic Stem/Progenitor Cells and Hematopoiesis During Health, Ageing, and Disease 5/1/18 4/30/19 768,104
    Aaron E Carroll The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation New Using YouTube Infrastructure to Disseminate Evidence for Policy 2/1/18 7/31/19 188,945
    Robert V. Considine American Diabetes Association New Effect of Bariatric Surgery on the Central Neural Response to Sweet Taste 1/1/18 12/31/18 200,000
    Simon J Conway Emory University New Multiple Mechanisms of the matricellular protein periostin in the pathogenesis of hepatic fibrosis. 9/20/17 8/31/18 59,670
    Stephanie D Davis Seattle Children's Research Institute Renewal (not prev committed) Saline Hypertonic in Preschoolers (SHIP) 11/1/17 10/31/18 53,589
    Stephanie D Davis Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia New Hydrocortisone for BPD Respiratory and Development Outcomes Study 9/1/17 8/31/18 26,506
    Gary L Dunnington Riley Children's Foundation Renewal (not prev committed) James Joseph Harbaugh, Jr. Professor in Pediatric Plastic Surgery 7/1/16 6/30/20 25,572
    Tatiana M Foroud University Of Washington New Seattle Longitudinal Study: Archiving, Harmonizing and Augmenting Alzheimer?s Disease Relevant Data Sets 9/30/17 5/31/18 9,490
    Tatiana M Foroud University Of Miami New Additional Sequencing Cohorts for the Alzheimer's Disease Sequencing Project (ADSP) 9/30/17 8/31/18 534,615
    Tatiana M Foroud Michael J Fox Foundation For Parkinsons Research New Identification of gene modifiers of disease penetrance and age at onset (Planning Grant) 2/1/18 5/31/18 18,631
    David Sullivan Hains Riley Children's Foundation Renewal (not prev committed) Byron and Frances Hollett Endowed Chair for Pediatric Nephrology Research 2/1/02 6/30/20 72,902
    Mark H Kaplan National Institute Allergy & Infectious Diseases Renewal (not prev committed) Cytokine regulation of skin barrier function 2/1/18 1/31/19 477,223
    Bruce Timothy Lamb Cleveland Clinic New Immune Mechanisms Underlying the Neuroprotective Effects of Physical Activity in Human and Mouse Models of Genetic Risk for Alzheimer?s Disease 9/1/17 5/31/18 521,993
    Hao Liu Baylor College Of Medicine New Testing Targeted Therapy in Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis 10/1/17 9/30/18 15,696
    Randall T Loder Riley Children's Foundation Renewal (not prev committed) George and Peggy Rapp Pediatric Orthopaedic Fund 7/1/17 6/30/20 24,611
    Megan Song McHenry Thrasher Research Fund New Caregiver-focused interventions for neurodevelopmental delays in young children in western Kenya 3/1/18 8/31/19 26,750
    Purvi Mehrotra U.s. Department Of Veterans Affairs New IPA for Purvi Mehrotra 9/1/17 8/31/18 27,085
    Alvaro Menendez Massage Therapy Foundation New Massage Therapy for prevention of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy: a feasibility study 2/1/18 2/1/19 30,000
    Ranjani N Moorthi Dialysis Clinic, Inc New Altered Mitochondria Leads to Skeletal Muscle Dysfunction in Chronic Kidney Disease 11/1/17 10/31/18 86,781
    Brian Heath Mullis Johns Hopkins University Renewal (not prev committed) Improving Pain Management and Long Term Outcomes Following High Energy Orthopedic Trauma (PAIN Study) 1/12/18 9/30/18 18,750
    Kathleen M. O'Neil Childhood Arthritis And Rheumatology Research Alliance New The Relationship Between Changes in Adipokine Levels and Disease Activity in Pubertal Children with SLE 1/2/18 1/1/19 50,000
    Clement L Ren Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics Inc. Renewal (not prev committed) Therapeutics Development Center (TDC) 1/1/18 12/31/18 257,170
    Jamie L Renbarger Curing Kids Cancer, Inc New Preclinical Validation of the MYC-RAD21 Molecular Signature Identified Through Precision Genomics in Pediatric Osteosarcomas 1/1/18 12/31/18 50,000
    Jamie L Renbarger Riley Children's Foundation Renewal (not prev committed) Eric Metz "Win This Battle" Endowment Grant 7/1/17 6/30/20 21,729
    Alexander G Robling Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation Renewal (not prev committed) Nupr1 a modulation as a therapy for OI 7/1/17 6/30/18 50,000
    Courtney Marie Rowan The Aspen Institute New Prospective Evaluation of Persistent Inflammatory, Immunosuppressed, Catabolic Syndrome in the Critically Ill Pediatric Population 1/1/18 12/31/18 10,000
    Andrew J Saykin Duke University New Metabolic Network Analysis of Biochemical Trajectories in Alzheimer's Disease 9/15/17 6/30/18 63,000
    Gregory M. Sokol University Of Colorado New A Prospective, Multicenter Registry for Premature Newborns with Severe Pulmonary Hypertension 2/1/18 1/31/19 8,000
    Johnathan David Tune University Of Missouri New Mineralocorticoid receptor-dependent coronary vascular dysfunction in obesity 1/1/18 11/30/18 86,707
    Jingwu Xie Riley Children's Foundation Renewal (not prev committed) Jonathan and Jennifer Simmons Professor-Hematology/Oncology 7/1/17 6/30/18 31,165
    Karmen K Yoder National Institute On Alcohol Abuse And Alcoholism New Cortical Connectivity in Alcoholism 3/1/18 2/28/19 34,244

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  • Research is continuing priority for Huntington?s Disease Center

    The Huntington’s Disease Center of Excellence at IU School of Medicine was established more than 20 years ago and plays an integral role in understanding the disease and providing care to patients and families affected by it. In this Rare Disease Research blog post, Christopher James, MD, highlights the center’s current research priorities, including a trial of a new drug that aims to reduce inflammation in the brains of patients with Huntington’s, and also affects the disease’s progression.

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Faculty and Staff News

  • New COI-C Disclosure Form reduces administrative time

    To minimize the amount of time IU School of Medicine physician faculty spend on administrative tasks, the school and IU Health Physicians have collaborated on a single portal for capturing and updating conflicts of interest disclosures.

    Faculty will receive a link this month to complete the new online Kuali Conflicts of Interest and Conflicts of Commitment (COI-C) Disclosure Form, which is due Saturday, March 31. Going forward, faculty physicians will just need to update information that changes each year rather than completing the entire form again.

    A new webpage has been developed with additional information, FAQs and instructions. Visit the University Compliance Webpage on Conflicts of Interest or reach out to the University Compliance Office at or 317-274-2667 with questions.

    This initiative is part of other strategic efforts between IU School of Medicine and IU Health Physicians to reduce administrative tasks that are known to contribute to physician burnout.

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  • Tips for engaging Biostatistics in grant submissions

    When submitting a grant, a solid statistical section can sometimes mean the difference between a good score and a great score. Fortunately, IU School of Medicine is home to a top-flight Department of Biostatistics that collaborates with faculty and learners across the school.

    With 17 faculty members and another 40 staff who serve as data managers and statisticians, the department is available to provide full-service support on any grant. In fact, biostatistics faculty and staff supported 121 different grants last fiscal year and were co-authors on 153 papers in 2016.

    Here are some tips and facts to help as you think about partnering with the department:

    1. It’s never too early to engage the team. Biostatisticians will be able to support you best if you involve them as a project is unfolding. Faculty and staff experts can help with optimal study design, sample size calculations, budget development and other factors that should be considered up-front.
    2. It’s free to consult. IU School of Medicine supports grant and protocol development effort at no cost to the investigator. This includes analysis of pilot data.
    3. There’s broad expertise available. Biostatisticians are collaborative scientists with expertise in: adaptive clinical trials; advanced modeling techniques (e.g., semi-parametric regression, elastic networks); causal analysis; high throughput data analysis; machine learning; as well as more traditional techniques.
    4. The department works on projects that are large and small. Faculty are collaborators on the East Africa IeDEA grant, the Indiana Alzheimer Disease Center, the Simon Cancer Center, and the CARE Consortium, to name just a few projects.
    5. Stop by a walk-in clinic. The Department of Biostatistics hosts a clinic every Monday from noon to 2 pm in the Rotary Building. The clinic is a great place for brief consultations on study design, sample size and power calculations, data analysis advice, interpretation of results, and statistical software.

    Learn more
    Visit the Department of Biostatistics website. Requests may be directed to George Eckert or Barry Katz.

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  • Wellness Symposium is May 3

    Plan to attend two informative presentations on finding balance and developing resiliency while working in medicine at the 2018 Wellness Symposium on Thursday, May 3. The event will take place in Hine Hall on the IUPUI campus and will feature these presentations:

    Finding Meaning, Balance and Personal Satisfaction in the Practice of Medicine
    11:30 am-1 pm, Hine Hall Auditorium
    A pioneer in research focused on physician burnout, Tait Shanafelt, MD, chief wellness officer, Stanford Medicine, will review the literature on physician satisfaction and burnout, discuss data on the repercussions of physician distress, and highlight personal and organizational approaches to promote physician well-being. Register for this presentation.

    Creating a Professional Toolkit for Resilience and Well-Being: An Experiential Session
    1:30-3 pm, Hine Hall (IP) 132
    Hedy Wald, PhD, will discuss resilience and well-being-enhancement strategies, including mindful awareness, reflective writing as a “resiliency workout,” cognitive restructuring, positive psychology principles and meaning-making/purpose. Register for this presentation.

    The Wellness Symposium is sponsored by the IU School of Medicine Department of Medicine; Faculty Affairs, Professional Development and Diversity; and IU Health Physicians.

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  • Basic Essentials of Supervision Training begins April 3

    IU School of Medicine Human Resources is offering a training series--Basic Essentials of Supervision Training (B.E.S.T.)--for faculty and staff, beginning Tuesday, April 3. This training series is designed to provide supervisors with information and resources to get accustomed to the IU culture of supervising employees.

    The series also provides aspiring, new and seasoned supervisors an opportunity to learn from HR experts within IU School of Medicine and IU School of Dentistry. The training sessions offer experiential learning through case studies, focus groups and networking with colleagues on campus.

    This training is offered free of charge and runs through July 17. To register for each training session, complete this form. Registered participants will have access to webinars associated with each session.

    Schedule and location information for each session is listed below. Questions? Contact Julie Garringer at




    Date and Time

    Welcome & Introduction to Leading Others

    Bridget Working

    Walther Hall (R3) Rm 303/305

    Tuesday, April 3

    9-11 am


    LeClaire Teets and Joy Redmon

    Walther Hall (R3) Rm 303/305

    Tuesday, April 24

    9-11 am

    Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Leadership

    Terri Ryckaert

    Walther Hall (R3) Rm 303/305

    Tuesday, May 8

    9-11 am

    Coaching and Feedback

    Denise Haws and Yolonda Burbrink

    Walther Hall (R3) Rm 303/305

    Tuesday, May 22

    9-11 am

    Employee Engagement

    Ginger Rice and Bridget Working

    Walther Hall (R3) Rm 303/305

    Tuesday, June 5

    9-11 am


    Carla Ewing and Teresa Shearer

    Walther Hall (R3) Rm 303/305

    Tuesday, June 12

    9-11 am

    Conflict Resolution

    Kristen Baker and Aaron Coleman

    Walther Hall (R3) Rm 303/305

    Tuesday, June 19

    9-11 am

    Progressive Discipline

    Neelam Chand and Gretchen Dennis

    Walther Hall (R3) Rm 303/305

    Tuesday, July 10

    9-11 am

    Attendance and Time Off

    Neelam Chand and Gretchen Davis

    Walther Hall (R3) Rm 303/305

    Tuesday, July 17

    9-11 am

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Student Showcase

  • MS3: Complete S3 by March 22

    To accommodate busy clerkship schedules, the Strategic Student Survey (S3) deadline for MS3 students has been extended until Thursday, March 22. In addition to taking the S3 from a desktop, laptop or mobile phone, MS3 students will have the opportunity to take the survey during their Health Systems Science (HSS) course on March 22.

    If 80 percent of MS3 students complete the survey by March 22, the school will contribute $2,500 to the class’s expenses for upcoming events. The current response rate is 51 percent. Ensure you’re able to make an impact on your educational experience at IU School of Medicine by taking the survey today.

    For more information, read the MD Student News blog post.

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  • MS4: Tomorrow is deadline to earn $2,500 in GQ class incentives

    Fourth-year students: Look for an email invitation from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) to take the Graduation Questionnaire (GQ) survey. If MS4 students achieve 80 percent participation by Friday, March 16--Match Day--IU School of Medicine will contribute $2,500 to cover class graduation expenses. Forty percent of MS4 students have already completed the survey.

    MS4s are urged to complete the GQ survey, which is an important tool for medical schools to use in program evaluation and to improve the medical student experience. The survey is administered nationally by the AAMC.

    Want more details? This blog post explains how you can qualify for prizes such as commencement VIP packages, Amazon gift cards and an Apple watch.

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  • West Lafayette medical students to participate in March 22 poetry reading

    IU School of Medicine-West Lafayette students will join award-winning poet and Purdue University English Professor Marianne Boruch, MFA, and students from Purdue’s Master of Fine Arts program to read from Dr. Boruch’s poetry collection, “Cadaver, Speak” on Thursday, March 22, at 7:30 pm, in the Stewart Center on the West Lafayette campus.

    The poetry was inspired by Dr. Boruch’s time in Dr. James Walker’s medical school anatomy class on the West Lafayette campus, as part of a Purdue Faculty Fellowship in a Second Discipline.

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  • Nominate a clinician-scientist for FNIH Trailblazer Prize

    The Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH) will present the FNIH Trailblazer Prize for Clinician-Scientists, which recognizes the outstanding contributions of early career clinician-scientists whose work has the potential to or has led to innovations in patient care. This $10,000 honorarium and prize celebrates the achievements of medical doctors whose research has translated basic scientific observations into new paradigm-shifting approaches for diagnosing, preventing, treating or curing disease and disability.

    Eligibility criteria and nomination details are available. Deadline to nominate a clinician-scientist is 1 pm EDT, Friday, March 30.

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  • Apply for Wright cancer research scholarship by April 10

    The IUSCC William J. Wright Scholarship Fund rewards fourth-year medical students who are strong academically and desire to pursue a career caring for cancer patients. The fund also supports second- and third-year medical students conducting cancer research with the same career ambition. Successful applicants will also have displayed strong humanitarian qualities throughout their medical school careers. 

    For second- and third-year students, the expectation for this award is that the student will devote at least two months of the academic year to a project furthering the care of patients with cancer, including a formal basic, translational or clinical science research project, quality improvement project, health outcome research, or cancer awareness program. Awardees must attend Cancer Research Day on Thursday, May 3.

    Application deadline is Tuesday, April 10. Submission guidelines and application are available here. Students with research grants already supporting their education are not eligible.

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  • Diversity award nominations due March 30

    Students, faculty and staff may nominate outstanding graduating students and faculty members for a number of diversity-related awards, including the Outstanding Service Award (for graduating students), Excellence in Research Award (for graduating students) and the Commitment to Diversity Award (for faculty). Nominations are due Friday, March 30, and award winners will be announced at the Senior Banquet. Questions? Email

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  • Learn about available support at researcher resource fair

    Graduate students, post docs, research scientists and early-career faculty can learn about available research resources and support at the Next Generation Researcher Resource Fair from 11 am-2 pm, Tuesday, March 27, in the IUPUI Campus Center, Room 450B.

    IUPUI units and groups will be on hand to discuss services specific to early career researchers, as well as opportunities at IU School of Medicine and IUPUI for professional and research development.

    Registration is available. Questions? Contact Erin Foster at or 317-278-1511.

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  • HANDS in Autism to offer training opportunities this summer

    Join the HANDS in Autism team for an intensive training that focuses on providing hands-on experience and coaching in a simulated lab environment. While the program includes traditional instructional methods such as lectures and discussion, the emphasis of training is on increasing participant knowledge and skill toward the process of making effective programming decisions for individuals with autism spectrum disorder and related disorders through hands-on application and coaching.

    Upcoming summer workshops in Indianapolis:

    June 18-22: Early elementary (Grades K-2, 5-8 years of age)
    July 9-13: Middle school and high school (Grades 7+, 13+ years of age)
    July 23-27: Upper elementary (Grades 3-6, 9-12 years of age)

    Visit this page to learn more about the intensive trainings.

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Partner News

  • New safety enhancements begin at Riley

    New safety and security measures implemented this month at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health may affect how faculty, students and visitors enter and exit the hospital. Riley is now using manned metal detectors with video monitoring in lobbies at the Simon Family Tower and Riley Outpatient Center. On Monday, March 19, the hospital will restrict access by locking the Atrium Lobby entrance and requiring a badge to enter. Safety enhancements also include adding more police staffing throughout the hospital. New badge readers at certain locations will be added throughout the year to provide secure access to authorized staff.

    In a memo last week, Riley leaders explained that the new security measures will help provide “the safest possible environment for all who walk through Riley’s doors.”

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  • Dr. Badve earns Bantz-Petronio TRIP award

    Sunil Badve, MD, the Joshua Edwards Professor of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, was recently selected to receive the 2018 Bantz-Petronio Translating Research Into Practice Faculty Award (TRIP award). Established by former IUPUI Chancellor Charles Bantz and Professor Sandra Petronio, the award recognizes outstanding work by an IUPUI faculty member in translating research into practice. Honored research is directed toward positively impacting people’s lives.

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  • Dr. Unthank to retire March 31

    After 31 years of service on the IU School of Medicine faculty, Joseph L. Unthank, PhD, will retire on March 31 with the title of Professor Emeritus of Physiology in the Department of Surgery and Professor Emeritus of Cellular & Integrative Physiology.

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  • Dr. Fogel receives AIM award

    Janine Fogel, MD, title, assistant professor clinical family medicine, has received a 2018 Achievement in Medicine Award from St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild. Dr. Fogel is the medical director of the Eskenazi Health Transgender Health & Wellness Program and a leader in transgender health care. The AIM award honors management-level members of the Eskenazi Health team who uphold the tradition of excellence in health care.

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  • Dr. Watson honored by National Minority Quality Forum

    Christopher Watson, MD, MPH, a resident in the Department of Family Medicine, has been named one of the “40 Under 40 Leaders in Minority Health” by the National Minority Quality Forum.

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