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  • IU School of Medicine continues emphasis on innovation in education

    Indiana University School of Medicine is continuing its emphasis on innovation in medical education to ensure it evolves to meet the future needs of students, patients and communities.

    Led by Executive Associate Dean Paul M. Wallach, MD, the school launched a renewed focus on innovation in the summer of 2018. More than 100 members of the school community gathered to put forward their best and boldest ideas at an inaugural Innovation Summit. Scores of other faculty, staff and learners shared their suggestions through an online Innovation Portal.

    In the months since, the school has assembled a comprehensive list of innovation recommendations it will further consider and is assessing how to prioritize projects and initiatives. The recommendations fall into four primary categories:

    • Better use of technology for both learning and patient care
    • Improved coaching
    • Greater integration of health system science into the curriculum
    • Creation of a culture that promotes and inspires innovation

    “Our vision is to create a culture where innovation is woven into the fabric of who we are,” Wallach said. “This is not a one-time exercise or something that will be solved with the addition of one or two new programs. We will continue exploring ideas, and we will continue communicating with and engaging the school community.”

    Learn more in this Strategic Voices blog post about the recommendations, next steps and initiatives already underway, including Scholarly Concentrations and a point-of-care ultrasound curriculum.

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  • Saying goodbye to Linda Bratcher: the “heart of GME”

    Looking around her office in Fesler Hall, full of half-packed boxes and more than 30 years of memories from her time at Indiana University School of Medicine, Linda Bratcher was still coming to terms with her looming retirement.

    “It’s really hard to walk away. Not just from the people—of course that part is hard. But from the work as well,” said Bratcher, whose last day is Thursday, February 28. “I will miss contributing to something that I feel is for the greater good. And that’s what bothers me about being retired.”

    For Bratcher, who has been with the school for three decades, her last role as director of Graduate Medical Education has been the capstone on a career that, as a teen growing up in Indianapolis, seemed unlikely.

    “I remember when I was in high school I had pretty humble aspirations. I always thought I would like to be a legal secretary or a medical secretary, because I do enjoy being of service,” Bratcher said. “I started my family when I was pretty young. I went to business school, and I thought that was going to be my choice of careers when I went back to work.”

    As it turned out, nothing could be further from the truth as Bratcher worked her way up in the field of healthcare and at IU School of Medicine. Read about her illustrious career and what her colleagues have to say about her leadership and legacy in this Spirit of Medicine blog post.

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  • Searches underway for three IU School of Medicine leadership positions

    IU School of Medicine has recently launched executive searches for three leadership positions:

    Click on the job title for eligibility, application and priority review deadline information.

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  • Urology resident’s passion fueled by sister’s health struggle

    Growing up on a farm outside of Indianapolis, Weston Kitley, MD, always had an interest in medicine because of the veterinary work he learned to do on his family’s animals. But when it came to choosing urology as a specialty, it was a much different reason that drew him to the field.

    “My sister was in and out of the hospital a lot growing up,” Kitley said. “She had a lot of surgeries. The neurosurgeons may have saved her life, the orthopedic surgeons helped her walk a bit, but it was the urologists who really made her life worth living.”

    Kitley’s sister Jessica has spina bifida, a condition where a baby’s spinal cord fails to develop or close properly while still in the womb. People with spina bifida can receive treatments for some of the different symptoms they experience, but ultimately, there is no cure.

    Learn about how a urological procedure not only helped his sister live a better life, but also how it inspired Kitley to specialize in pediatric urology in this Spirit of Medicine blog post.

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Research News

  • Researchers help discover new disease

    Indiana University School of Medicine researchers, in collaboration with investigators from the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute (IBRI) and around the country, have discovered a new disease.

    The disease, called DHPS Deficiency, is a genetic syndrome that results in a neurological disorder, which impacts brain development and function in patients. In a breakthrough study, led by investigators at Columbia University and recently published in “The American Journal of Human Genetics,” IU researchers were among the large group of collaborators that characterized the disease and identified the genetic mutations that cause it.

    Learn more about the groundbreaking study in this Pediatrics blog post.

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Faculty and Staff News

  • Indiana University's new paid leave day allows staff to volunteer

    Indiana University is offering a new option for staff employees who want to give back to their community: a paid leave day to participate in an IU-sponsored volunteer event.

    The new policy, which went into effect in January as part of the updated Conflicts of Interest and Commitment policy, was designed by IU Human Resources and university leadership. It applies to staff employees only.

    “This enhancement to the university’s policy creates an opportunity for IU School of Medicine staff employees to serve their local communities, while representing our school and the university,” said Ray Kliewer, MEd, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, senior director of human resources, IU School of Medicine. “It will be rewarding to see the additional contributions our staff members can make in the community as a result of this new policy.”

    For more on how the new paid leave policy works, read News at IU and refer to Human Resources. Questions? Contact askHR at 812-856-1234 or

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  • Faculty Election Ballot closes Sunday

    The 2019 Faculty Election Ballot closes Sunday, February 24, for those IU School of Medicine faculty members who are eligible to vote. The ballot includes links to each nominee’s faculty bio page (click on the name). To vote for a faculty member, faculty will need to click to the side of the link so that the box turns red. (The color red indicates the faculty member was selected.)

    The 2019 ballot also includes questions regarding changes to the school’s Faculty Constitution. For information regarding changes to the constitution, view these resources online:

    Description of the IU School of Medicine Faculty Constitution Revision Referendum

    PowerPoint summary of the key changes

    Previous faculty constitution document and new proposed document

    Submit questions via the Faculty Steering Committee’s submission page.

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  • Learn more about the VitalTalk faculty development program

    Are you interested in teaching other medical providers and trainees how to talk to patients and families about serious news or goals of care? In your clinical or education practice have you used communication strategies that you learned from a local IU Talk session? If so, apply to join the VitalTalk faculty development program. Learn more about VitalTalk courses (scroll down to Faculty Development). The training is free thanks to support from IU Health Physicians and IU School of Medicine Faculty Affairs, Professional Development and Diversity. 

    Providers from all medical specialties are welcome to apply. The training is most relevant to medical specialists who talk with patients or their families about serious news. Space is limited, so apply as soon as possible. Questions? Contact Lyle Fettig, MD, at

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  • Gain strategies for delivering meaningful feedback at March 14 FEED session

    Attention instructors: Plan to attend an informative, hands-on workshop to learn tips and techniques for providing learners with feedback in a variety of settings. From written work to clinical performance, this workshop, part of the Faculty Enrichment and Education Development (FEED) series, will discuss methods for delivering meaningful feedback in an efficient manner. The workshop will take place from 8-9:30 am, Thursday, March 14, in the Daily Center, room 186. Registration is available.

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  • Patricia Treadwell, MD, Lecture is March 6

    The 2019 Patricia Treadwell, MD, Lecture, honoring the physician’s 40 years of service to the IU School of Medicine community, will be held from noon-1 pm, Wednesday, March 6, in Emerson Hall, room 304. This year’s keynote speaker is Virginia A. Caine, MD, director of the Marion County Health Department and associate professor of medicine, IU School of Medicine. The Treadwell lecture series explores how the intersection of race and gender affect academic medicine and the health sciences professions. Registration is available.

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  • Sign up for February 28 academic medicine career development conference

    The Academic Medicine Career Development Conference for Diverse Medical Students and Residents is a no-fee, one-day conference that includes nine workshops on these and related topics:

    • Diversity and inclusion in the academic medicine workforce
    • Academic medicine career roles
    • Financing an academic medicine career
    • Research, scholarship and careers in academic medicine

    The conference will be held from 7 am-5:30 pm, Thursday, February 28, at the Riley Outpatient Center, Conference Rooms A&B. While open to all, it aims to help diverse (women, underrepresented minorities and LGBTQ) medical students, residents, fellows and doctoral students to:

    • Discover academic medicine careers that align with personal and professional interests
    • Explore academic medicine career paths and opportunities
    • Create and improve their academic medicine portfolio
    • Grow their network among academic medicine colleagues and role models
    Review this brochure to learn more and view a list of speakers. The conference is sponsored by IU School of Medicine Faculty Affairs, Professional Development and Diversity.

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  • Check out March and April Culture & Conversations events

    Culture & Conversation is a monthly discussion series about diversity-related issues, including representational diversity, inclusive working and learning environments, and cultural competence. The spring schedule of events includes:

    Maternal Mortality and Women’s Health
    Tuesday, March 19: noon-1 pm

    Abilities, Rights and Access to Health Care
    Thursday, April 11: noon-1 pm

    Click on the course titles for more details and to register.


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