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  • Shekhar honored with Sagamore of the Wabash award

    Joining an elite group, Anantha Shekhar, MD, PhD, executive associate dean of research affairs, has earned Indiana’s highest distinction, the Sagamore of the Wabash, the state’s official award. The award was presented to Shekhar, who is also the founding director of the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences (CTSI), at CTSI’s annual meeting earlier this month.

    “Anantha continues to make an incredible impact at IU School of Medicine,” said Jay Hess, MD, PhD, MHSA, dean of IU School of Medicine and IU’s executive vice president for university clinical affairs. “Under his leadership, the school’s research excellence and reputation have grown. One of the many ways we’ve seen that is through the amount of National Institutes of Health funding being awarded to our scientists, which has broken records for the last three years and will do so again this year.”

    Bestowed by Indiana’s governor, the Sagamore of the Wabash is Indiana’s highest civilian honor. For more, read the full Newsroom post.


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  • IU School of Medicine marks National Physician Suicide Awareness Day

    On Saturday, September 14, a group of IU School of Medicine students and faculty participated in the Out of the Darkness Community Walk, an event in Indianapolis to raise awareness of suicide and suicide prevention. The walk coincided with the second observance of National Physician Suicide Awareness Day, held annually on September 17.

    Samia Hasan, MD, IU School of Medicine director of mental health services, walked with students and colleagues on Saturday. In an email distributed to learners on September 17, she wrote, “It was heartening to gather and connect with others as we bring awareness to this issue. As suicide rates continue to rise, many of us as physicians and physicians-in-training confront this issue personally (in families, friends, ourselves) and professionally (in colleagues, patients). We often try to manage on our own, and it remains a painful secret. We do not easily seek help from others. Today is an opportunity to reflect on how we might bring about change for ourselves and our community.”

    A number of medical organizations, led by the Council of Residency Directors in Emergency Medicine (CORD), collectively dedicated September 17 to raise awareness of physician suicide and to create a Vision Zero Statement. IU School of Medicine continues to expand mental health services. For more on National Physician Suicide Awareness Day, visit the CORD website.

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  • Don’t miss the Regatta BBQ this Saturday

    The IUPUI Regatta is this weekend. To celebrate IUPUI’s signature event on Indianapolis’ downtown canal, IU School of Medicine will host a barbecue in Military Park from 11 am-1 pm, Saturday, September 21. Faculty, staff and learners are invited to the family-friendly regatta event, which will include food, games and an opportunity to meet IU School of Medicine Dean Jay Hess, MD, PhD, MHSA, and other school leaders.

    Register for the event, which is sponsored by Faculty Affairs, Professional Development and Diversity, and Medical Student Education.

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Research News

  • August research awards total more than $11.7 million

    August 2019 Grant Awards
    Investigator Sponsor Type Project Title Begin Date End Date Awarded Dollars
    Kamal Abulebda Duke University New Dexmedetomidine Opioid Sparing Effect in Mechanically Ventilated Children (DOSE Trial) 3/26/2019 6/30/2023 $92,750
    Gianfranco Alpini National Institute Of Diabetes, Digestive & Kidney New Regulation of biliary growth and fibrosis by melatonin 7/1/2019 6/30/2020 $305,043
    Liana G Apostolova Alzheimer Association New ¿The Role of Copy Number Variants and Epigenetic Dysregulation in Early onset Alzheimer's Disease (EOAD)¿ 6/1/2019 5/31/2022 $999,756
    David L Boone National Institute Of Diabetes, Digestive & Kidney New A new model of ILC3-independent innate colitis 8/9/2019 5/31/2020 $353,594
    Nickolay Brustovetsky University Of Pittsburgh New ZnT9 function in the mitochondria 4/1/2019 3/31/2020 $16,197
    Sha Cao National Science Foundation New CRII: III: Computational framework for disparate data integration and its application in studying cancer drug resistance 8/15/2019 7/31/2021 $174,747
    HS Vincent Chen American Heart Association Incorporated New Studying pathogenesis of Brugada Syndrome (BrS) using patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) 7/1/2019 6/30/2021 $200,000
    Simon J Conway National Heart, Lung And Blood Institute New Cardioprotection and uncoupling myofibroblast-myocyte communications 7/1/2019 6/30/2020 $393,750
    Erica A. Eugster Indiana State Department Of Health Renewal (not prev committed) Indiana Congenital Hypothyroidism and Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Follow-Up Programs (ICHFP & ICAHFP) 7/1/2019 6/30/2021 $95,919
    Carmella Evans-Molina Jdrf New Pre-clinical Evaluation of TYK2 Inhibitors in Preparation For a Clinical Trial in T1D. 8/1/2019 7/31/2020 $332,201
    J Dennis Fortenberry University Of Alabama Birmingham Renewal (not prev committed) STI Clinical Trials Group 9/15/2018 9/14/2019 $4,039
    Andrea L Frump American Lung Association New Identification of the Apelin-Mediated Transcriptome During Pulmonary Hypertension-Induced Right Ventricular Failur 7/1/2019 6/30/2020 $50,000
    Kara Garcia Oregon Health & Science University New Mechanobiology of circuit development in cerebral cortical folding 7/15/2019 4/30/2020 $74,964
    Quyen Quoc Hoang Michael J Fox Foundation For Parkinsons Research New Developing sensitive reagents for LRRK2 detection 10/1/2019 3/31/2020 $32,938
    Richard J. Holden National Institute On Aging New Technology Intervention to Support Caregiving for Alzheimer's Disease (I-CARE) 7/1/2019 4/30/2020 $239,488
    T George Hornby Marquette University Renewal (not prev committed) Sympathetic-somatomotor coupling in Human SCI 6/1/2019 5/31/2020 $107,337
    Xiaoming Jin University Of Miami New Magnetoelectric Nanodevices for Wireless Repair of Neural Circuits Deep in the Brain 3/28/2019 9/30/2019 $69,637
    Il-Man Kim Augusta University New Hypoxia and cardiac stem cell homing 4/1/2019 3/31/2020 $16,312
    Shaohui Liu New York University New Zoster Eye Disease Study (ZEDS): A multi-center, randomized, double-masked, placebo-controlled clinical trial of suppressive valacyclovir for one year in immunocompetent study participants with an episode of dendriform epithelial keratitis, stromal keratitis, endothelial keratitis, and/or iritis due to Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus (HZO) in the year prior to enrollment 3/1/2019 2/28/2022 $45,620
    Yan Liu National Heart, Lung And Blood Institute New Molecular mechanisms underlying clonal expansion of hematopoietic stem cells 7/15/2019 6/30/2020 $393,750
    Patrick J. Loehrer National Cancer Institute Renewal (not prev committed) Indiana University Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center Support Grant 9/1/2019 8/31/2020 $2,759,704
    Roberto F Machado University Of Illinois At Chicago Renewal (not prev committed) Group V Phospholipase A2 Mediated Acute Long Injury 6/1/2019 5/31/2020 $15,210
    Brian Arthur McFerron University Of Iowa New A Randomized Trial of a Web-Based Non-Pharmacological Pain Intervention for Pediatric Chronic Pancreatitis (WebMAP) 9/15/2018 5/31/2020 $450
    Jason Meyer National Eye Institute New Targeting the diversity of retinal ganglion cells for replacement therapy 8/1/2019 7/31/2020 $345,976
    Christie M Orschell Us Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity New Further Development of dmPGE2 as an Effective Radioprotectant and Radiomitigator for H-ARS and DEARE in Fulfillment of the Requirements for Product Development Under the Animal Rule 8/15/2019 8/14/2023 $2,746,794
    Frederick J. Rescorla Riley Children's Foundation New Pediatric Surgery Support 7/1/2019 6/30/2020 $30,000
    Andrew J Saykin National Institute On Aging New Blood Triglycerides and Fatty Acids in Alzheimer's: Genetics and Neuroimaging 8/1/2019 7/31/2020 $41,429
    Andrew J Saykin University Of Kentucky Research Foundation New Genomic Architecture of a Key Alzheimer¿s Disease Mimic: CARTS 5/15/2019 2/29/2020 $62,800
    Chandan K Sen National Institute Neurological Disorders & Stroke New Tocotrienol Vitamin E Against Stroke 4/1/2019 3/31/2020 $344,531
    Andrea Sunae Shin National Institute Of Diabetes, Digestive & Kidney New Fecal microbiota, short chain fatty acids, bile acids, and colonic transit in Irritable Bowel Syndrome 8/13/2019 5/31/2020 $181,981
    Stacey Elaine Tarvin Duke University New A Randomized, Open Label, Multi-Center, Phase 3 Efficacy Study of Sub-Q Abatacept in Preventing Extension of Oligoarticular JIA (Limit-JIA) 7/18/2019 7/31/2023 $110,000
    John J Turchi Case Western Reserve University New Targeting DNA repair in KRAS mutated lung cancer by chemical screening 7/1/2019 6/30/2020 $156,575
    Sophia Wang National Institute On Aging New The Role of ICU Delirium and Vascular Risk Factors in the Development of Post-ICU Cognitive Impairment and Dementia 8/1/2019 5/31/2020 $154,675
    James Benjamin Wood Duke University New Non-Invasive Diagnosis of Pediatric Pulmonary Invasive Mold Infections 7/31/2019 5/31/2023 $806,000

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  • Study shows cost savings from same-day, long-acting reversible contraception

    According to a new study by IU School of Medicine doctors, providing adolescents seeking birth control the ability to obtain a long-acting reversible contraceptive on the same day as their clinic visit could lead to significant cost savings for insurance providers.

    Published this week in the journal “JAMA Network Open,” the study was the work of three IU School of Medicine faculty—Tracey A. Wilkinson, MD, MPH, Stephen M. Downs, MD, MS, and Brownsyne Tucker Edmonds, MD, MPH, MS.

    In the study, the researchers worked to determine what the cost savings would be by providing same-day access to long-acting reversible contraception, from the perspective of insurance companies, in particular, Medicaid, to adolescents. Considered the most effective contraception for adolescents, long-acting reversible contraception, or LARC, include intrauterine contraceptives (IUCs) and implants.

    According to Wilkinson, who joined the faculty at IU School of Medicine four years ago, the lack of clinics in Indiana offering same-day access to these contraceptives came as a surprise when she began her work in the state as a health services researcher.

    “When I landed in Indiana, I quickly realized there were very few clinical sites providing same-day LARC. They are more expensive, but they are very effective, because they don’t require any user dependence in order to work,” Wilkinson said. “As I started to piece together what the barriers were, one of the biggest seemed to be cost.”

    For more details on the study, visit the Newsroom.

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Faculty and Staff News

  • Timsina named to leadership role with IU Health Comprehensive Wound Center

    Lava R. Timsina, PhD, assistant professor of surgery, has been named associate director for outcomes research at the IU Health Comprehensive Wound Center. The center is part of the Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering, based at IU School of Medicine.

    “I’m excited to start this new position because I feel there are still a lot of gaps in terms of knowledge and practices in wound care and healing,” Timsina said. “That is especially true in terms of diabetes because Indiana ranks among the top ten in amputations due to foot ulcer-related wounds.”

    In his new role, Timsina will be responsible for outcome research within the wound center, looking at sociogenomic aspects and wound-related outcomes on patients, writing grants and strengthening T3-T4 research.

    For more on the center and Timsana’s appointment, visit the Newsroom.

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  • My Voice at IU staff survey opened this week

    Indiana University Human Resources has once again partnered with Gallup, a leading survey administrator, to conduct a staff engagement survey, My Voice at IU. The survey is open to all staff employees hired on or before July 1, 2019. Eligible employees should have received an email invitation from Gallup on Monday, September 16. The email contains a link to the survey and a unique access code.

    Open until Friday, September 27, the survey is a quick, confidential, important opportunity for staff members to share feedback about working at IU.

    For technical help with the survey, call Gallup at 800-788-9987 or email

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  • November 6 workshop to focus on effective research communications

    Need tips on how to talk about your research to non-experts? Plan to attend an interactive workshop aimed at helping you effectively communicate your research with legislators, donors, colleagues, students and others.

    Join trained facilitators Jim Ansaldo and Krista Hoffman-Longtin to learn insights, tips and methods for managing jargon and complexity, getting to the point, and making a real connection with your listener. You'll also learn about tools and resources that can help as you expand your communication skills. The workshop will be held from 8:30 am-1 pm, Wednesday, November 6, in the IUPUI Campus Center. Lunch will be provided. Learn more and register.

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  • Apply for the Skill Enhancement Award

    The IU School of Medicine Skill Enhancement Award, offered through Faculty Affairs, Professional Development and Diversity, provides associate professors the opportunity to acquire new skills to accelerate the trajectory of their career toward full professor.

    The skill enhancement experiences are expected to occur away from campus over a timeframe of two-five weeks. Examples include, but are not limited to:

    • Visiting an institution to engage with a collaborator to learn a new technique
    • Attending technique/equipment training workshops
    Full-time faculty members with the rank of associate professor are eligible to apply. Funding and application details are available.

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  • Nominate staff for discretionary bonus program by September 30

    The IU School of Medicine staff discretionary bonus award is a special one-time payment awarded to selected exempt, non-exempt and temporary staff members for extraordinary contributions to the school’s mission, above and beyond the staff member’s job description.

    Discretionary bonus guidelines have been enhanced to provide additional guidance on performance criteria that qualify for a bonus, as well as more details about the process itself based on previous questions and feedback.

    Nomination requests will be evaluated by a review committee using the criteria in the discretionary bonus guidelines. The deadline to submit nominations is Monday, September 30. Complete details, including the guidelines and nomination form, are available on the MedNet Human Resources site. Questions? Contact Theresa Martin, director of human resources, at


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  • October 1 is deadline for some HITS employees to find alternate parking

    IU School of Medicine employees who work in the HITS building and park in the Fairbanks Hall parking will need to begin parking in an IUPUI-designated parking lot on Tuesday, October 1.

    To address overcrowding issues in the Fairbanks Hall parking lot, after October 1, the Fairbanks lot will only be available to IU School of Medicine employees whose workspaces are located in Fairbanks.

    Employees affected by the change should have received an email about the shift. After October 1, only employees located at Fairbanks Hall will be able to operate the gates and park in the Fairbanks lot. 

    Learn more about IUPUI parking permits and lot locations by visiting the parking services website. Questions? Contact your supervisor.


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  • Apply by December 2 for spinal cord and brain injury funding

    Two funding opportunities for spinal cord and brain injury research are available with an application deadline of Monday, December 2.

    The Indiana Traumatic Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Program fosters and encourages research for the prevention, treatment and cure of spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries, including acute management, medical complications, rehabilitative techniques and neuronal recovery. Collaborations are encouraged between Indiana-based researchers, as well as with researchers located outside the state of Indiana, including researchers in other countries. 

    The Indiana Traumatic Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Activity-Based Therapy Program fosters and encourages activity-based therapy programs for the prevention, treatment and cure of spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries, including acute management, medical complications, rehabilitative techniques and neuronal recovery.

    Application details are available at the links above.

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  • IUPUI Senior Academy to present transition to retirement event

    The IUPUI Senior Academy is offering “Listen and Learn: Transition to Retirement” from 2-4 pm, Thursday, September 26. Presentations include “Coping with Retirement: Results from Two Physicians,” and “Practical Thinking About Retirement.” The event will be held at IUPUI Faculty Crossing, 755 W. Michigan St., Indianapolis. Register by Thursday, September 19.

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  • Plan to attend the IU Student Outreach Clinic open house on October 5

    The IU Student Outreach Clinic (IUSOC) will host its annual open house from 1-3 pm on Saturday, October 5. The clinic is located at Neighborhood Fellowship Church, 3102 E. 10th St., Indianapolis.

    For the past 10 years, the IUSOC has served as a hub for compassionate and interprofessional care for individuals and families on Indianapolis’ east side. Founded in 2009, the clinic provides free health care to those in need and is operated by hundreds of students from 13 IU disciplines.  

    In addition to celebrating another successful year, the open house offers a chance to learn more about the clinic and ways to get involved.

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Partner News

  • Eskenazi Health expands inpatient mental health services

    Eskenazi Health recently announced that it has added an additional 10 inpatient beds devoted to mental health services at the Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital. This represents a 50 percent increase from 20 to 30 inpatient beds in the hospital’s Kathi & Bob Postlethwait Mental Health Recovery Center. In total the hospital has 327 inpatient beds.

    The Kathi & Bob Postlethwait Mental Health Recovery Center is an inpatient facility for individuals with serious mental illness who require the safest possible environment for their recovery. Located in the Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital, the center is part of the Sandra Eskenazi Mental Health Center, a division of Eskenazi Health.

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