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  • Evans-Molina and Kapur appointed to new leadership roles

    Carmella Evans-Molina, MD, PhD, has been appointed director of the Center for Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases at IU School of Medicine. She is the center’s second director since it received a National Institutes of Health designation (NIH) in 2015.

    “As we work to improve health outcomes in the state of Indiana, we cannot overlook the high rates of diabetes and chronic metabolic conditions that widely affect our communities,” said Anantha Shekhar, MD, PhD, executive associate dean for research affairs at IU School of Medicine and associate vice president of research and clinical affairs for IU. “As both a physician and a scientist, Dr. Evans-Molina is an ideal candidate to lead the development of new treatments and ensure that these therapies are available to Hoosiers."

    Evans-Molina succeeds Raghu Mirmira, MD, PhD

    Mirmira will be leaving IU School of Medicine at the end of October to assume a new role at The University of Chicago. Under Mirmira’s leadership, the Center for Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases received NIH funding as an NIDDK P30 Diabetes Research Center. He also served as co-director of the prestigious Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) and the director of the T32 NIH award supporting this program for the past 10 years. Since 2017, Mirmira has also been the director of the Herman B Wells Center for Pediatric Research.

    A national search is underway for the next Wells Center director. During this transition, Reuben Kapur, PhD, has been named the interim director, effective Friday, November 1. Kapur is a nationally recognized investigator of pediatric leukemias and bone marrow failure syndromes.

    “We are grateful to Dr. Mirmira for his exceptional leadership,” said D. Wade Clapp, MD, chair of the Department of Pediatrics. “Our department is now the eighth-ranked pediatrics research program in the country. The Wells Center has played a critical role in helping us attain this elite recognition and, more importantly, has helped speed discoveries that will improve children’s health. Dr. Kapur has played a tremendous role in our success, and he is the ideal person to assume the role of interim director during this period of transition.”

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  • IU School of Medicine to host first Education Day on March 6

    Aimed at “bringing fresh perspectives to medical education,” IU School of Medicine will host its first Education Day on Friday, March 6. The all-day event offers the opportunity for faculty, students, residents and fellows from all departments and campuses to showcase their medical education research through oral presentations, workshops, poster sessions and small group discussions.

    Proposals may be submitted until Wednesday, January 15, on a variety of topics, including:

    • Assessment and evaluation
    • Cultural competence
    • Critical thinking and clinical reasoning
    • Curriculum development
    • Effective feedback
    • Instructional techniques including online tools
    • Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS)
    • Pre-clinical instruction
    • Wellness
    See the blog post for a complete list of topics and more information. The IU School of Medicine Education Day will be held at the Riley Outpatient Center. Registration is available. CME credit will be available. Questions? Email Komal Kochhar at

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  • IU and IU Health mark a construction milestone for Regional Academic Health Center in Bloomington

    Indiana University and Indiana University Health have marked a milestone toward the completion of the new IU Health Regional Academic Health Center on the IU Bloomington campus.

    On Tuesday, October 1, the construction team celebrated the placement of the building's final structural beam in a "topping off" ceremony attended by IU and IU Health leadership, faculty and staff. The beam was signed with the names and well wishes of members of both organizations, as well as volunteers and community members, before it was hoisted into the air by crane and installed at the top of the structure.

    "Putting this final beam in place together is emblematic of our new relationship," said David Daleke, vice provost for graduate education and health sciences at IU Bloomington. "It represents not only the shared participation of IU and IU Health in a wonderful new facility, but also a joint commitment to cutting-edge training of health care professionals and to excellent health care for our community and region."

    For IU School of Medicine, the new academic health center will allow the school to expand its medical education and research opportunities on the Bloomington campus.

    For more details, visit News at IU Bloomington.

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  • Community medicine initiative: Q&A with Kevin Gebke, MD

    One of IU School of Medicine’s seven strategic priorities is to improve population health in the Hoosier state. To help address this issue, earlier this year, IU Health Physicians rolled out the Community Medicine initiative to recruit more specialists and reduce the waiting time for patients seeking an appointment.

    Kevin Gebke, MD, chair, Department of Family Medicine, and IU Health vice president of community medicine, recently answered some questions about the community medicine initiative, discussing the reasons behind the endeavor, what patients will see and why the initiative is so critical to the school’s mission.

    Read the Strategic Voices Q&A blog post.

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  • Northwest-Gary students share Scholarly Concentration experiences

    The IU School of Medicine Scholarly Concentrations program allows students to explore areas of interest that complement the core medical school curriculum. At IU School of Medicine–Northwest-Gary, the Urban Medicine and Health Disparities concentration provides students with an understanding of the historical and contemporary barriers that exist for the medically underserved in urban areas.

    Second-year medical students on the Northwest-Gary campus recently shared their perspectives of the Scholarly Concentration and how it’s shaping their view on being a physician.

    “The organization I’m involved with is Project Outreach and Prevention (POP) on Youth Violence, a foundation created by northwest Indiana physicians to help decrease violence in schools and between youth,” said Chiamara Anokwute, MS2. “It’s amazing to be able to go into the communities and see the impact doctors are making by giving their time and talents. I’m also learning the skills I need to make a difference in whatever community I end up serving in.”

    For more student perspectives, read the MD Student News blog post.

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Research News

  • September research awards total more than $16 million

    September 2019 grants
    Investigator Sponsor Type Project Title Begin Date End Date Awarded Dollars
    Deborah F. Billmire Riley Children's Foundation New Dr. Earl B Herr Chair Additional Funding - Fund# 3371 7/1/2019 6/30/2020 $250,000
    Malaz A Boustani Purdue University New Reducing Delirium to Reduce Dementia (R2D2) 5/1/2019 3/31/2020 $214,769
    Naga P. Chalasani Mayo Clinic, Rochester New Dissecting the pathogenesis and outcomes of PSC using multi-omics by studying the exposome and genome 8/1/2019 7/31/2020 $15,750
    Peng-Sheng Chen Nih Office Of The Director New Using electrical nerve stimulation to control atrial fibrillation. 7/23/2019 6/30/2020 $704,303
    Jennifer Nicole Choi Association Of Program Directors In Surgery New Surgery Resident Opioid Prescribing Practices 11/1/2017 10/31/2019 $2,500
    D Wade Clapp Riley Children's Foundation Renewal (not prev committed) Hematology-Oncology Section Director Recruitment 7/1/2019 6/30/2020 $800,000
    D Wade Clapp Riley Children's Foundation New Research Scholars, Department of Pediatrics 7/1/2019 6/30/2020 $500,000
    Linda A DiMeglio University Of South Florida Renewal (not prev committed) Data Coordinating Center for Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet (UC4) 8/1/2019 11/30/2019 $12,184
    Carmella Evans-Molina Jdrf New Collaborative Effort to Identify and Validate miRNA Biomarkers of T1D 9/1/2019 8/31/2020 $235,065
    Martin Rhys Farlow Boston University New Multi-center development of a novel diagnostic test for Alzheimer¿s disease 9/1/2018 5/31/2019 $428,543
    Anthony B Firulli University Of Colorado Denver New Gene Regulatory Network that Establish Mandible and Maxilla Patterning 8/1/2019 7/31/2020 $292,635
    Nicole R Fowler University Of Colorado Denver New Decision Making Among Older Adults: the AUTO study 5/1/2019 2/29/2020 $148,626
    Benjamin Gaston National Heart, Lung And Blood Institute New Clinical Centers for the NHLBI's Precision Interventions for Severe and/or Exacerbation Prone Asthma (PrecISE) Network (UG1) 9/1/2019 6/30/2020 $424,886
    Benjamin Gaston Riley Children's Foundation New Pediatric Clinical Translational Research/Advanced Medicine Initiative 7/1/2019 6/30/2022 $2,495,000
    Gayle M Gordillo National Institute Of General Medical Sciences New Mechanisms regulating hemangioendothelioma: A plastic surgeon's challenge 10/1/2018 6/30/2019 $338,625
    Erik A Imel Cystic Fibrosis Foundation New CFTR Modulator Effects on Bone and Muscle in Adults with Cystic Fibrosis 9/1/2019 8/31/2020 $205,586
    Travis J Jerde Purdue University New Inflammation-Induced Modulation of the Adult Prostate Stem Cells 4/1/2019 3/31/2020 $18,247
    Swapnil Khare Cystic Fibrosis Foundation New Improving Diabetes Care in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis 9/1/2019 8/31/2020 $46,440
    Matthew Paul Landman Nationwide Children's Hospital New Reducing Unnecessary Oophorectomies for Benign neoplasms in girls 6/10/2019 5/31/2021 $20,505
    Alex Lion Indiana University Health New The feasibility and acceptability of the Interprofessional Spiritual Care EducationCurriculum (ISPEC) to improve the spiritual care of patients in pediatric hematology-oncology 6/1/2019 5/31/2021 $94,604
    Riad Lutfi Ann & Robert H Lurie Children Hospital Of Chi New A Data-Driven Analysis of Pediatric Organ Dysfunction Patterns To DiscoverSepsis Phenotypes 4/1/2019 3/31/2020 $4,000
    Jessica Lee Worley Mayer American Academy Of Pediatrics New NICU Moms Support Group 9/1/2019 8/31/2020 $3,000
    Kathy D. Miller The Breast Cancer Research Foundation Renewal (not prev committed) Finding the spark that starts the fire - exploring the role of progesterone in the initiation of triple negative breast cancer 10/1/2019 9/30/2020 $250,000
    Raghu G Mirmira Riley Children's Foundation Renewal (not prev committed) Wells General Fund 7/1/2019 6/30/2020 $5,660,000
    Jean P Molleston University Of Michigan Renewal (not prev committed) Childhood Liver Disease Research and Education Network Data Coordinating Center 6/1/2018 5/31/2020 $24,570
    Alexander B. Niculescu National Institute Of Mental Health New Biomarkers for Suicidality 8/2/2019 5/31/2020 $393,750
    David A Plager Riley Children's Foundation Renewal (not prev committed) Pediatric Ophthalmology Research 7/1/2019 6/30/2020 $36,127
    Clement L Ren Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Renewal (not prev committed) IN-182/182 - Riley Hospital for Children Indiana University Medical Center (Ren, Clement L.) 7/1/2019 6/30/2020 $246,040
    Jamie L Renbarger Riley Children's Foundation Renewal (not prev committed) Caroline Symmes Scholar Endowment for Pediatric Cancer Research (17-A41) 7/1/2019 6/30/2020 $93,750
    Jamie L Renbarger Riley Children's Foundation Renewal (not prev committed) Pediatric Cancer Research and Programs: Klingler Cancer Endowment Fund 7/1/2018 6/30/2020 $259,923
    Jamie L Renbarger Riley Children's Foundation Renewal (not prev committed) Riley Children's Foundation Beverly Rinker Professorship 7/1/2019 6/30/2020 $27,795
    Frederick J. Rescorla Riley Children's Foundation Renewal (not prev committed) Dr. Earl B. Herr, Jr. Investigator in Pediatric Cancer and Surgical Research 7/1/2019 6/30/2020 $95,980
    Thomas M Rouse Riley Children's Foundation Renewal (not prev committed) Riley Children¿s Foundation Grant - Lafayette Page Professor 7/1/2019 6/30/2020 $15,000
    Sashwati Roy Stanford University New Targeting Bacteriophage to treat Biofilm Infections 4/1/2019 11/29/2019 $275,000
    Andrew J Saykin University Of Pennsylvania New Advancing Analysis of Multi-omics Data in Alzheimer¿s Disease Research 8/15/2019 4/30/2020 $62,071
    Nathan Wade Schmidt National Institute Allergy & Infectious Diseases New Role of the gut microbiota in shaping severity of malaria 8/1/2019 12/31/2019 $351,464
    Paul R Territo University Of Pittsburgh New Improving Preclinical Translation in Alzheimer's Disease Research 9/1/2019 8/31/2020 $5,233
    Alexia Mary Torke National Institute On Aging New POST Facilitation for Community Dwelling Older Adults with and without Dementia 9/1/2019 6/30/2020 $643,947
    Stephanie Ware American Heart Association Incorporated New The genetics of cardiovascular malformations: a clinical approach 7/1/2019 6/30/2022 $300,000
    Chi Zhang Ohio State University New Construction of cell specific gene co-regulations signatures based on single cell transcriptomics analysis 3/1/2019 8/31/2019 $60,462

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Faculty and Staff News

  • Remembering Larry Corbin

    Larry Corbin, cyclotron and imaging engineer in the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences, passed away on Wednesday, October 9. Larry’s career at Indiana University began more than 30 years ago, and he was a key member of the Division of Imaging Sciences for 20 years. He was also a proud veteran of the United States Armed Services.

    In addition to interacting with and supporting a large percentage of departmental faculty and staff, Larry helped with technical issues and worked tirelessly to ensure the success of the division’s operations, including repairing cyclotron targets, climbing down manholes to fix the pneumatic tube system and coming into work after hours and on weekends to ensure the imaging systems were available for use.

    In a message to department colleagues sent earlier today, Himanshu Shah, MD; Bart LeFan, MBA, MHA; and Gary Hutchins, MD, wrote, “Larry will be remembered first and foremost as a friend who would step up and help everyone both professionally and personally when they needed assistance. He even served as a DJ for some of our departmental holiday parties to ensure that everyone enjoyed themselves. The department was part of Larry’s family, and he was an integral part of our family.”  

    The Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences is planning a celebration of Larry’s life and service to IU School of Medicine in the coming weeks.

    IU School of Medicine offers support for the school community. Available resources include the IU Employee Assistance Program; Mental Health Services for MD Students, Residents and Fellows; and IU Health Chaplaincy Services. (For IU Health Chaplaincy Services, contact Deborah Butt at 317-403-7962 or Joe Colquitt at 317-270-8609.)

    Editor’s note: Arrangements for Larry Corbin were not available when INScope was distributed.

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  • Seth joins regenerative medicine team

    The Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering at IU School of Medicine is welcoming a new faculty member whose innovative focus on prosthetic research adds a new dynamic to the team. Ajay K. Seth, MD, a board-certified orthopedic hand and upper extremity surgeon officially joined the Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering on October 1, as an adjunct faculty member.

    For more on Seth and his clinical focus, visit the Newsroom.

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  • Search underway for IU Simon Cancer Center director

    IU School of Medicine has announced its search for a director of the IU Simon Cancer Center. The new director will succeed Patrick J. Loehrer, MD, who announced in August his plans to step down from the position he has held for the past decade.

    The IU Simon Cancer was recently awarded the designation of Comprehensive Cancer Center from the National Cancer Institute and is the only such designated cancer center in Indiana. The school is looking for a visionary leader to take the cancer center to the next level of excellence, influence cancer care at one of the nation's largest health systems and make significant strides in reducing the burden of cancer in Indiana. In addition to overseeing the center's robust research programs, the director will help set the strategic vision and direction for cancer services at IU Health, IU School of Medicine's clinical partner, and will ensure the school continues to train a healthy pipeline of talented cancer specialists and researchers.

    More details about the position are available. The priority review deadline is Monday, November 11.

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  • Candidates sought to support Scholarly Concentrations, serve as CTSI navigators

    IU School of Medicine, in collaboration with the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute  (CTSI), seeks candidates to support the Scholarly Concentrations program at the school’s regional campuses. Individuals hired for these positions will serve as academic appointees, contributing to the basic and clinical research, service and teaching missions on the regional campus, as well as serving as Indiana CTSI navigators. 

    Scholarly Concentrations are optional experiences that complement the core medical school curriculum and empower students to delve into various topics. Candidates are currently being sought specifically in the areas of healthy aging (Fort Wayne campus), health promotion and disease prevention (Muncie campus), rural health (Terre Haute campus) and urban medicine and health disparities (Northwest-Gary campus).  

    These academic appointees will provide expertise in the scholarly concentration subject areas, such as conducting research, writing manuscripts and grant proposals, and teaching. They will mentor and support students in completing scholarly projects, manuscripts and poster presentations. In addition, individuals in these positions will serve as the regional campuses’ CTSI navigators working collaboratively with faculty, staff and students to access resources available through the CTSI. The CTSI navigators also serve as connectors for their campuses to the statewide system and research infrastructure created by the CTSI, including the clinical mission. Navigators also promote CTSI programs and act as the campus champion for new CTSI initiatives. 

    More information on these positions is available:

    Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Muncie campus
    Urban Medicine and Health Care Disparities, Northwest-Gary campus
    Rural Health, Terre Haute campus
    Health Integration and Healthy Aging, Fort Wayne campus

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  • Department of Family Medicine to host anniversary town hall and reception

    As part of its 45th anniversary celebration, the IU School of Medicine Department of Family Medicine will host a cocktail reception from 4:30-6 pm, Thursday, October 24, at Goodman Hall in the IU Health Neuroscience Center. A video, featuring former and current faculty and staff, will be shown, highlighting milestones achieved over the past 45 years. Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will be served. Register to attend this event.

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  • Effective research communication is topic of November 6 workshop

    Need help talking about your research to non-experts? Plan to attend an interactive workshop aimed at helping you effectively communicate your research with legislators, donors, colleagues, students and others.

    Join trained facilitators Jim Ansaldo and Krista Hoffman-Longtin to learn insights, tips and methods for managing jargon and complexity, getting to the point and making a real connection with your listener. You'll also learn about tools and resources that can help as you expand your communication skills. The workshop will be held from 8:30 am-1 pm, Wednesday, November 6, in the IUPUI Campus Center. Lunch will be provided. Learn more and register.

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  • Seminars focused on domestic violence scheduled for Monday

    Don’t forget about the upcoming Culture & Conversation series that includes two seminars on Monday, October 14, related to domestic violence. 

    Domestic Violence, Health and Health Care
    Monday, October 14: noon-1 pm
    Fesler Hall, Room 319
    Registration and more details

    Addressing Domestic Violence in the Workplace
    Monday, October 14: 2-3:30 pm
    Glick Eye Institute, Room 103
    Registration and more details

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  • Check out this month’s Project ECHO events

    Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is a cost-free partnership between local primary care providers and the Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health to improve access to high-quality treatment for common, complex and chronic diseases in Indiana.

    Several Project ECHO events are scheduled to take place in October:

    Cancer prevention and survivorship care ECHO
    Tuesday, October 15; noon-1:30 pm

    Hepatitis C (HCV) ECHO
    Thursday, October 17; 12:30-2 pm

    LGBTQ ECHO – Year 2 launch
    Wednesday, October 23; 2:30-4 pm

    Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) ECHO
    Thursday, October 24; 12:30-2 pm

    And these events in November:

    Integrated pain management launch
    Friday, November 1; 8-9:30 am
    Friday, November 15; 8-9:30 am

    More information and registration are available.

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  • Apply by October 31 for entrepreneurial translational research award

    The Salisbury Award for Entrepreneurial Translational Research, a new cancer research award sponsored by the National Foundation for Cancer Research, provides support to “high risk/high reward” research that offers key insights into the underlying causes of cancer and new approaches to treatment and cures. Applications are being accepted through Thursday, October 31. More information is available.  

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  • Save the date: Communicating Science series begins February 3

    It’s back by popular demand. The three-session Communicating Science series is designed to train participants to communicate complex scientific topics more effectively to non-experts like patients, learners, lawmakers and funders. This program is free and open to all IU School of Medicine and IUPUI faculty and graduate students.

    Session 1: Connecting with your audience
    Monday, February 3; 4-6 pm

    Session 2: Distilling your message
    Monday, February 10; 4-6 pm

    Session 3: Media training for scientists and physicians
    Monday, February 17; 4-6 pm

    Session descriptions and registration are available.

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  • There’s still time: Sign up for the Medical Miles 5K Run & Fun Walk

    The Medical Miles 5K Run & Fun Walk, part of the Department of Family Medicine’s 45th anniversary celebration, will be held from 9-11 am, Saturday, November 2, at the Indianapolis downtown canal. A portion of the proceeds will support the medical student outreach clinic affiliated with the Department of Family Medicine. Register for the event.  

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  • Kovacs awarded Sagamore of the Wabash

    Richard Kovacs, MD, Q.E. and Sally Russell Professor of Cardiology, recently received Indiana’s highest civilian honor, the Sagamore of the Wabash. The award was presented to Kovacs by Jennifer Sullivan, MD, secretary, Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, on behalf of Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb. The award was given to Kovacs during a surprise ceremony and reception at IU Health Methodist Hospital.

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  • Neal honored for career accomplishments by the American College of Physicians

    J. Matthew Neal, MD, assistant dean for faculty development, IU School of Medicine–Muncie, has been elected a Master of the American College of Physicians (ACP). Mastership is by invitation only and recognizes outstanding and extraordinary career accomplishments and contributions to medicine. Neal is the first Indiana ACP Master elected from outside Indianapolis.

    The American College of Physicians is the largest medical-specialty organization and the second largest physician group in the United States.

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  • Stombaugh and Shuman receive Irwin Experience in Excellence Award

    Two IU School of Medicine staff members were selected for the 2019 Glenn W. Irwin, Jr., MD, Experience Excellence Award. Deborah Stombaugh, vice chair of clinical and academic administration for the Department of Medicine, and Lois Shuman, educational coordinator for the Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences, earned the award this year. The award recognizes individuals whose service activities go above and beyond the responsibilities of their basic job. Learn more about the Experience Excellence Award.

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  • Past Beering award winner receives Nobel Prize in Medicine

    William G. Kaelin, Jr., MD, the 2014 IU School of Medicine Steven C. Beering Award recipient, was jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, along with Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe, FRS, and Gregg L. Semenza, MD, PhD, for their work on how cells sense and adapt to oxygen availability. Eight of the past Steven C. Beering Award recipients have become Nobel laureates, either before or after the receipt of this award.

    This year’s Beering award recipient is George R. Stark, PhD, a cancer biology researcher from the Cleveland Clinic. He will present his lecture, “The two faces of interferon: Is our major antiviral defense mechanism a friend or a foe in cancer?” on Wednesday, November 6, from 9-10:15 am in the Walther Hall auditorium. Register to attend.

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