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  • MSE launches new DEI-focused clinical communication training for first-year students

    IU School of Medicine Medical Student Education has partnered with the Academy of Communication in Healthcare, a national leader in relationship-centered health care communication training and research, to develop a customized program for IU School of Medicine—Achieving Inclusivity in Medicine (AIM). This one-day program for first-year medical students is designed to foster diversity, equity and inclusion by centering relationships, communication skills and personal stories.

    A key goal of the program is to work toward eliminating health disparities through better communication with patients and colleagues. AIM represents one of the programs being developed through the $7 million Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) grant awarded to IU School of Medicine to help the school educate medical students to better care for underserved populations.

    More than 80 faculty and staff at campuses across the state have already volunteered to participate in the inaugural year of AIM. Interested faculty and staff can reach out to Emily Walvoord, MD, to learn more.

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  • Join IU School of Medicine on Saturday at virtual Indy Pride

    Celebrating the diversity of the Indianapolis LGBTQ+ community, the Indy Pride Festival will be held from noon-4pm, Saturday, June 12. Join other members of the IU School of Medicine community at the virtual event. Learn more with the Guide to Virtual Pride.

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  • Reminder: COVID-19 vaccine required for all IU faculty, staff and learners

    All Indiana University faculty, staff, students, residents and fellows on all campuses are required to recieve the COVID-19 vaccine. Individuals should plan to be fully vaccinated by Sunday, August 1. A person is considered to be fully vaccinated two weeks after having all doses of a vaccine (two doeses for Pfizer or Moderna; one dose for Johnson & Johnson).

    If you have already been vaccinated, or after recieving the vaccine (two doses for Pfizer or Moderna; one dose for Johnson & Johnson), be sure to fill out the self-report form.

    Get more details.

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  • On the blog: Haywood helps med students navigate the unknown

    Although Antwione Haywood, PhD, MEd, holds two graduate degrees and could rightly be called an expert in the area of student affairs, he walks through life with a “beginner’s mindset.”

    “An expert enters the room assuming there’s nothing to learn, and with that, you have plenty of blind spots. The beginner approaches every situation with curiosity,” said Haywood, assistant dean for medical student education at IU School of Medicine.

    This approach to his life and work serves as an inspiration to medical students as Haywood helps them navigate not just their educational path, but all aspects of their lives, encouraging holistic growth. He recently received the Outstanding Faculty or Staff Advocate award from the IU School of Medicine Excellence in Leadership Awards Committee, supported by multiple nominations from colleagues and student mentees.

    Read the Spirit of Medicine blog post to learn more about Haywood and his record of helping medical students succeed.

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Research News

  • May research awards total over $13 million

    Investigator Sponsor Type Project Title Begin Date End Date Awarded Dollars
    Elliot J Androphy Brigham And Women's Hospital New Pre-clinical Development of LDN-5178 for the Treatment of SMA 1/1/2021 12/31/2021 $49,998
    Elliot J Androphy National Cancer Institute New Small-Molecule Covalent E6 Antagonists for Treatment of HPV Infection 5/1/2021 4/30/2022 $632,904
    Michael J. Econs National Institute Arthritis Musculoskeletal Skin New The role of Tmem263 in regulation of bone mass and strength 5/5/2021 4/30/2022 $209,220
    Jill C Fodstad Autism Science Foundation New Autism Science Foundation Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship in Autism Spectrum Disorders 5/1/2021 4/30/2022 $3,000
    Tatiana M Foroud Parkinson's Disease Foundation Renewal (not prev committed) The Parkinson¿s Foundation Genetics Research Initiative 6/1/2021 6/30/2022 $530,069
    Tatiana M Foroud National Institute On Aging Renewal (not prev committed) National Centralized Repository for Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias 6/1/2021 5/31/2022 $6,178,080
    David A Haggstrom National Cancer Institute New SPHERE (Survivorship Plan Health Record) Implementation Trial 6/1/2021 5/31/2022 $649,730
    Al Hassanein U.s. Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity New Resolution of Lymphedema with Induced Lymphangiogenesis using Tissue Nanotransfection Technology 3/1/2021 2/28/2023 $317,000
    Roland W Herzog National Heart, Lung And Blood Institute Renewal (not prev committed) Enhancing immune regulation in gene therapy for hemophilia 5/5/2021 4/30/2022 $761,303
    Debra Hickman American College Of Lab Animal Medicine Foundation New Euthanasia of neonatal mice and rats using carbon monoxide 7/1/2021 6/30/2022 $9,771
    John M Humphrey National Institute Of Child Health, Human Devl. New Adaptation, execution, and evaluation of a differentiated service delivery model for PMTCT 4/9/2021 3/31/2022 $145,499
    Yoshikazu Imanishi National Eye Institute New Photoreceptor dysfunction associated with rhodopsin mislocalization 4/1/2021 3/31/2022 $384,361
    Seethal A Jacob National Heart, Lung And Blood Institute New Telemedicine for Pediatric Sickle Cell Care in Medically Underserved Communities 5/1/2021 4/30/2022 $184,170
    Savita Khanna U.s. Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity New Neurogenic stroma reprogramming to rescue diabetic neuropathy 1/1/2021 12/31/2022 $316,872
    Kurt Kroenke U.s. Department Of Veterans Affairs New Long-term Opioid Therapy: Screen to Evaluate and Treat (Opioid-SET) 5/1/2021 4/30/2022 $26,582
    Xiongbin Lu National Cancer Institute Renewal (not prev committed) Targeting HER2-low breast cancer with 17p loss 5/1/2021 4/30/2022 $535,448
    Jessica Maiers National Center For Advancing Translational Science New Identifying targetable mechanisms of TMEM38B/TRIC-B in liver fibrosis 5/15/2021 5/14/2022 $158,500
    Natascia Marino University Of Virginia New TRIM37 is a genetic determinant of racial disparity in metastatic TNBC patients 4/1/2021 3/31/2022 $38,460
    Kenneth P Nephew Ovarian Cancer Alliance Of Greater Cincinnati New Epigenetic inhibition of platinum-induced enrichment of ovarian cancer stem cells 5/10/2021 5/9/2022 $75,000
    Shannon Leigh Risacher University Of Wisconsin New The Neighborhoods Study: Contextual Disadvantage and Alzheimer's disease and Related Dementias (ADRD) 3/1/2021 2/28/2022 $150,000
    Courtney Marie Rowan Children's Hospital Boston New Immunobiology of Influenza Virus-related Critical Illness in Young Hosts 9/18/2020 8/31/2024 $58,900
    Christina M Scifres National Institute Of Child Health, Human Devl. New Intensive Glycemic Targets in Overweight and Obese Women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: A Multicenter Randomized Trial 5/1/2021 4/30/2022 $701,910
    Chandan K Sen U.s. Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity New Diabetic wound closure via re-engagement of a pathway required for fetal wound healing 3/1/2021 2/28/2023 $317,000
    Dimitrios Stefanidis Society Of Amer Gastrointestinal & Endoscopic Surg Renewal (not prev committed) SAGES Guidelines Fellowship 7/1/2021 6/30/2022 $32,500
    Umberto Tachinardi University Of Missouri New Advancement of PCORnet Infrastructure: Clinical Research Network 1/1/2021 7/31/2021 $95,208
    Angela M Tomlin Indiana Youth Services Association New ACE Interface through IYSA 2/1/2021 1/31/2022 $9,000
    Xiaoling Xuei University Of Utah New Durable Schistosome induced metabolic alterations to the myeloid lineage 3/5/2021 2/28/2022 $44,336
    Kai Yang National Institute Allergy & Infectious Diseases New Transcriptional and metabolic regulation of Treg cell specification for the control of allergic airway disease 5/18/2021 4/30/2022 $447,387

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  • IUSCCC has strong showing at ASCO

    Dozens of IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center (IUSCCC) researchers shared their findings and expertise at this year’s American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual meeting, which was held virtually from June 4-8. ASCO is the world’s leading oncology organization, and its virtual annual meeting was attended by more than 42,000 individuals in 2020.

    IUSCCC members were authors on 36 abstracts selected for the 2021 annual meeting. Breast cancer, germ cell tumors and global oncology were some of the featured topics. Visit for more details on the abstracts presented at the meeting.

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  • Nationwide cystic fibrosis study launched

    The IU School of Medicine researcher who led the school’s effort to test a COVID-19 vaccine is now co-leading a nationwide clinical trial about cystic fibrosis. Cynthia Brown, MD, has several years of experience with clinical trials, including a decade seeing and treating patients with cystic fibrosis. This latest study is the first of its kind, using a smartphone app to track cystic fibrosis outcomes.

    “I have been seeing patients with cystic fibrosis for 10 years and know the toll it can take on families,” said Brown, associate professor of clinical medicine at IU School of Medicine. “We are looking forward to finding more answers for people who have CF through this unique study.”

    HERO-2: Home Reported Outcomes Study is an at-home observational study looking at the range of outcomes people experience while using Trikafta (elexacaftor/tezacaftor/ivacaftor). Trikafta was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2019 as the first triple combination therapy to treat patients with the most common cystic fibrosis mutation. Trikafta works by targeting the F508del mutation in the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) gene. Experts estimate about 90 percent of cystic fibrosis patients have that mutation.

    The HERO-2 study will allow people with cystic fibrosis to track their health and changes they make to their daily therapies while on Trikafta through self-reported updates on the Folia Health app on their smartphone over the course of a year. 

    “We want to learn how patients with cystic fibrosis are managing their daily care after starting Trikafta and how day-to-day symptoms change,” said Brown.

    Clement Ren, MD, professor of clinical pediatrics at IU School of Medicine, is co-leading the study with Brown.

    Check out Research Updates for more details on the study.

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  • Megakaryocytes link researcher’s bone-healing work to COVID-19

    Melissa Kacena, PhD, vice chair of research for the IU School of Medicine Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, is using her study of bone and fracture healing to better understand the effects of COVID-19 on the body. Her lab is the first in the state to begin using mouse models to study the novel coronavirus, in hopes of discovering a treatment for the disease.

    Kacena diverted her work to COVID-19 when several studies from across the country revealed that people who died from the coronavirus had a high number of megakaryocytes built up in various organs, causing significant issues. Megakaryocytes are large bone marrow cells that produce platelets. These platelets are needed for blood clotting, but Kacena studies their relation to bone regeneration and fracture healing. Her work has led to partnerships with NASA and the U.S. Army.

    Read the Research Updates blog post to learn more.

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  • Humphrey receives NIH Career Development Award for HIV research

    Researching new strategies to prevent transmission of HIV from mothers to babies aligns with the training and clinical interests of John Humphrey, MD, assistant professor of medicine at IU School of Medicine. But when he met mothers and healthcare workers in Kenya and listened to their stories, the interest became a passion.

    Humphrey’s passion recently led to a successful K23 career development award from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

    “I hope that this research can help to improve the quality of prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) services for mothers, their infants and the clinicians and nurses who care for them,” Humphrey said.

    Humphrey’s research focuses on developing a differentiated service delivery (DSD) model for PMTCT programs. With this award, he aims to determine women’s preferences for PMTCT services and use this knowledge to tailor service delivery to better meet women’s needs and preferences. The DSD model will be developed with client input and implemented and evaluated at one maternal and child health clinic in Kenya. 

    Learn more about the goals of the research in this Global Health blog post.

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Faculty and Staff News

  • Beeler and Kasthurirathne honored by IBJ

    Cole Beeler, MD, assistant professor of clinical medicine, and Suranga Kasthurirathne, PhD, assistant professor of pediatrics, have been named to Indianapolis Business Journal’s Forty Under 40 list. Each year, IBJ recognizes 40 adults under age 40 who have made outstanding contributions to the community. View the Forty Under 40 profiles for Beeler and Kasthurirathne.

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  • Department of Medicine annual meeting is June 17

    The IU School of Medicine Department of Medicine will host is annual meeting on Zoom at 5 pm on Thursday, June 17. Departmental updates will be shared, along with an announcement of the winners of the annual Pyramid Awards. View the calendar entry for more details and access information.

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  • Patient Safety Day conference is tomorrow

    The fifth annual Patient Safety Day, presented by the Residents and Fellows Quality and Patient Safety Council, will be held via Zoom from noon-4 pm on Friday, June 11. The conference provides an opportunity for trainees to present their research in areas related to quality improvement and patient safety. Registration is available.

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  • AMPATH Fireside Chat on June 22 to focus on pediatric cancer

    Join the June AMPATH Fireside Chat to learn how local healthcare providers in medically underserved regions of western Kenya have dramatically improved the diagnosis of pediatric cancer through the use of Project ECHO—a telehealth education and mentoring program. The chat will be held from 7-8 pm, Tuesday, June 22, on Zoom. Presenters will include Tyler Severance, MD, pediatric hematology/oncology fellow, and Terry Vik, MD, Indiana Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center Professor of Hematology at IU School of Medicine. Get more details and register.

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  • Apply by August 2 for Indiana CTSI research equipment fund

    The Indiana CTSI (Bloomington) Research Equipment Program supports purchase of commercially available research equipment to be used by groups of investigators—working together or separately—on innovative projects to enhance externally funded research and the mission of the Indiana CTSI. An applicant must be an IU Bloomington faculty member, but applicants may include interested researchers at CTSI partner institutions. Application deadline is Monday, August 2. More details are available.

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  • Kelley webinar on June 17 focuses on methods for making better decisions

    “Nudging Patients: Applying Behavioral Economics Principles in Healthcare,” hosted by the Kelley Graduate Certificate in Medical Management, will focus on how people make decisions and lessons for influencing better decision-making. Participants will learn to:

    • Explain and interpret the principles underlying decision-making
    • Compare the “nudging approach” to other methods of behavior change
    • Design nudges and decision tools to help people make better decisions

    Sign up for the webinar, which begins at 12:15 pm on Thursday, June 17.

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  • Eskenazi Health Farmers’ Market returns

    After a year off due to the pandemic, the Eskenazi Health Farmers’ Market has returned this summer. Providing fresh and local produce, fresh baked goods and other market items, the market is held every Tuesday from 11 am-1:30 pm. Vendors will be set up in the Matthew R. Gutwein Commonground in front of Eskenazi Hospital. The market runs weekly through Tuesday, September 14.

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Partner News

  • Cancer center joins call for action to get HPV vaccinations back on track

    IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center has joined National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated cancer centers and other organizations in a joint statement urging the nation’s health care systems, physicians, parents and young adults to get the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination back on track.

    Dramatic drops in annual well visits and immunizations during the COVID-19 pandemic have caused a significant vaccination gap and lag in vital preventive services among U.S. children and adolescents—especially for the HPV vaccine.

    Visit the Newsroom to learn more.

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