IUSM-Northwest honors anatomical donors

January 29, 2015

The IU School of Medicine-Northwest hosted a memorial service Friday, Jan. 23, in honor and recognition of the six anatomical donors, and children and fetuses who selflessly gifted their bodies to scientific learning.

The ceremony will remember and give thanks to anatomical donors (Lydia Grady, Mair Evans, Carolyn “Lynn” Metzger, John Hartman, Russell Matthews and Joshua A. Pate, and child and fetal patients). Military Honors will be presented on behalf of Lydia Grady (United States Army) and Russell Matthews (United States Marine Corps).

In a practice that is unique to IUSM-Northwest, family members of donors maintain contact with the students who dissect their loved ones throughout the school’s formal human gross anatomy course. These family members are invited to attend the memorial service so that they may celebrate the lives and generosity of their loved ones with the students.

The service, coordinated by the first-year medical students, provides student doctors, faculty and staff the opportunity to express their thanks for the gifts of the donors. In written passages, songs and prayers, the students will reflect on the privilege that has been afforded to them by the donor who endowed his or her body to medical education and research.