Beckman receives Volunteer Faculty Teaching Award

June 25, 2015

“I desire no other epitaph… than the statement that I taught medical students in the wards, as I regard this as by far the most useful and important work I have been called upon to do.”
– Sir William Osler, from "Aequanimitas" (1849-1919)

The teaching skills of Scott A. Beckman, M.D., have been rewarded with the IU School of Medicine Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Peter S. Marcus and Lyree N. Mikhail Volunteer Faculty Teaching Award.

Dr. Beckman has served as a volunteer faculty member at IUSM-Evansville since December 2011. A native of Jasper, Dr. Beckman practices with Jasper Obstetrics and Gynecology. He enjoys sharing his patient-centered care philosophy with medical students and according to his students has a strong student-centered philosophy when acting as a preceptor.

Scott Beckman, M.D., recipient of the IUSM Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Peter S. Marcus and Lyree N. Mikhail Volunteer Faculty Teaching Award, was praised by one student for his "excellent leadership and teaching abilities." | Photo By IUSM-EVANSVILLE

“Dr. Beckman is an amazing teacher," one of his former students said in the award nomination letter. "He is excellent at assessing his student's knowledge of a situation/ patient/ disease process and pointing out where they need to improve their knowledge and skills. Furthermore, he can do this in a way that does not make the student feel inadequate or humiliated. As a teacher and a role model, he made me want to study in order to impress him rather than to get a good score on an exam. He is an inspiring and insightful teacher. He also went out of his way to print out articles for me to read in order to better prepare myself for the NBME exam. He clearly took a deeply invested interest in my educational growth, and I truly appreciate that.”

Another former student had a suggestion for Dr. Beckman's career: that he spend more time teaching. "While it might sound cheesy, my only feedback for him is to take on more and more students--I think so many would be grateful for having such a helpful, hands-on teacher.”

Quoting one student's synopsis: “My rotation with Dr. Beckman was absolutely fantastic. I still am planning on pursuing another specialty, but my time with him certainly gave me great pause. This rotation was perhaps the most hands-on rotation that I have had apart from my couple weeks in anesthesia. I was responsible for a vast majority of the care of inpatients as well as clinic patients; he gave me enough responsibility to be actively engaged and grow professionally without being fully overwhelmed. I don't think I've felt this invested in my patients personally on any other rotation. He offered great explanations for his medical and surgical decision making. Everyone around him knows that he cares considerably for each of his patients, often taking extra time later in the day or on the weekends to tend to additional concerns. He expressed respect for me and I felt like a valued member of his office. He gave me feedback in an easygoing manner so I never felt humiliated or attacked; rather, he gave the kind of feedback that spurs students on to improve themselves. Overall, he has excellent leadership and teaching abilities."

Dr. Beckman received a B.S. in biology in 1993 from IU and in 1997 completed medical school at IUSM. His residency training was completed at IUSM where he gained "a wide variety of experiences at University, Wishard (now Lois and Sidney Eskenazi Hospital) and Methodist hospitals."

As a resident, Dr. Beckman demonstrated his interest in teaching and, in his final year of training, served as the administrative chief resident and was awarded excellence in teaching honors in 2000 and 2001 from third-year medical students completing the OB/GYN clerkship under his guiding eye. 

When he isn't practicing or teaching medicine, Dr. Beckman enjoys photography, reading and, of course, IU basketball.