IUSM completes self-study, critical component of reaccreditation effort

January 7, 2016

IU School of Medicine achieved a major milestone on the road to accreditation in December with completion of the school’s comprehensive self-study. A key component of the accreditation journey, the institutional self-study process helps medical schools evaluate and determine whether they meet their mission and learning objectives, as well as the prescribed standards necessary to achieve Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) accreditation.

Since January 2015, more than 250 IUSM, faculty, staff, administrators, clinical partners, students and residents have been engaged in the self-study. | Photo By Tim Yates

More than 250 IUSM faculty, staff, administrators, clinical partners, students, and residents were engaged in the self-study, which began in January 2015 with these objectives:

  • Collect and review data about IUSM and its educational program
  • Identify both institutional strengths and accreditation challenges
  • Suggest strategies to ensure strengths continue and problem areas are addressed

“This school-wide self-study resulted in thoughtful work that will be extremely useful as we continue our reaccreditation efforts this year,” said Peter Nalin, M.D., executive associate dean for educational affairs, associate professor of clinical family medicine, and leader of the LCME accreditation process. “We greatly appreciate the hard work, honest assessment, and thorough evaluation demonstrated by so many.”

Dr. Nalin stressed that findings from the self-study will be used to fuel continuous improvement throughout IUSM. Self-study participant Himanshu Shah, M.D., chair, Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences, and associate professor of clinical radiology and imaging sciences, agreed, indicating the self-study collaboration of students, faculty, and staff enabled a unique, thorough, and critical analysis.

“This process is not just about meeting external requirements for periodic reaccreditation,” Dr. Shah said. “It’s a quest for establishing a data-driven continuous quality improvement process that focuses on students and fosters an environment most conducive to creating the best caregivers, researchers, educators, and leaders of the future.”

With completion of the self-study, a leadership team including Dr. Nalin, Bradley Allen, M.D., Ph.D., senior associate dean, Medical Student Education, Stephen Bogdewic, Ph.D., executive vice dean, Mike Dance, director of Educational Operational Services, and members of IUSM’s Continuous Quality Improvement team reviewed and evaluated the self-study findings. The next step is to convene a series of 11 improvement teams that will focus on opportunities for improvement identified through the self-study. These efforts are focused not only on improvement to ensure compliance with LCME standards, but also to promote ongoing continuous quality improvement at the school and build the capacity to plan and execute change.

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