MedNet, IUSM intranet, launches today

April 28, 2016

The IU School of Medicine community has a new place to connect and collaborate online – MedNet. The limited-scope intranet will serve as a news and announcement portal for the entire school, providing frequently used documents and resources, while also offering private portals for secure communication.

The new limited-scope intranet provides a home for internal news, announcements, resources and information. | Photo By IU School of Medicine

The majority of information on MedNet is “open access,” meaning it is publicly available and does not require sign in. The private portals require IU-authenticated sign in and approved access to the portal. This allows those in a portal community to privately interact and share information.

The IU School of Medicine Office of Strategic Communications worked with the school’s Department of Pediatrics IT division to build MedNet, with support from a workgroup that represents more than a dozen different IUSM teams. While the initial framework is limited, the site will grow with input and ideas from faculty, staff, and students.

“The MedNet that launches this week is just the beginning,” explained Jenny Brown, digital strategist. “As users discover its capabilities and offer suggestions for enhancements, the site will grow; we selected a framework that allows for more robust capabilities in the future.”

Why an intranet?
The current IU School of Medicine website houses information that primarily targets internal audiences, limiting IUSM’s ability to use this platform to engage external audiences, including prospective faculty, students, partners, and donors. As the website is rebuilt, an appropriate home is needed for these internal resources. Organizing information on the right channels for different audiences helps all more readily access what matters most to them.

Why is part of MedNet a public (open) site and part private (portals)?

Given IUSM’s multiple campuses and locations, an open intranet offers ease of access for all information that is not proprietary or better reserved for designated groups. For information that calls for restricted access, portals are available.

I think I should have access to a few of MedNet’s private portals. How do I request that?

As part of MedNet’s April launch, only the re-accreditation portal has active content. If you aren’t automatically provided access when you click on this portal, you’ll see a message that indicates how to request access. At this time, all other portals are open access. When these portal pages are populated with resources, all users will be able to access them as needed. 

I have an idea for a new portal on MedNet.

To request a new portal for a specific group--with open or private access--please contact the IU School of Medicine Office of Strategic Communications.

My team already uses an intranet. How does MedNet affect how we work with the system we already have?

MedNet is a centralized resource for internal audiences; it provides a convenient home for internal resources that are currently only available on the school’s public website. It is not intended to immediately replace any existing internal systems, such as the C3, Canvas, or department-specific SharePoint sites. To ensure users find the information they’re seeking, other internal systems are listed on the Support Resources page. If you notice a system missing from this list, please notify the Office of Strategic Communications

How can I find out more about MedNet?

The MedNet site hosts a FAQ Page. that offers details about using this platform. Future issues of InScope will also highlight key features of the site. The Office of Strategic Communications is available to attend team meetings to offer an overview of MedNet; request a presentation via