IU School of Medicine implements Pass/Fail grading system for new Phase 1 courses

August 11, 2016

The Pass/Fail grading system for Phase 1 courses was adopted, in part, to support student well-being. | Photo By Tim Yates

The IU School of Medicine Curriculum Council Steering Committee (CCSC) approved the adoption of a Pass/Fail (P/F) grading system for all courses of Phase 1 in the new curriculum, beginning this month. This CCSC decision does not apply to the clinical years of the new curriculum (Phase 2 and Phase 3). Current grading systems in the legacy curriculum MS2 will continue, so P/F grading does not pertain to the second year basic science courses of 2016-2017.

“As part of this decision-making process, our CCSC sub-committee considered several points, including academic outcomes, student well-being, evaluation and matching of residents, and other factors,” said Alan P. Ladd, M.D., chair, Curriculum Council Steering Committee, and professor of pediatric surgery. “Data studied demonstrated no change in performance on Step I test results among students at the many schools that have moved to a P/F grading system.”

For more information on this decision, read the FAQ on the curriculum renewal microsite. To hear Dr. Ladd's insights on this change, you can watch a video interview on IU School of Medicine's YouTube channel