DiMicco to lead new Ombuds Office

November 17, 2016

Joseph A. DiMicco, PhDPhoto By

Joseph A. DiMicco, PhD, professor emeritus of pharmacology and toxicology, and Chancellor's Professor Emeritus, has been named director of the Ombuds Office for Indiana University School of Medicine. Dr. DiMicco, a longtime teacher and researcher who became a member of the faculty in 1980, joined the Ombuds office on Nov. 1.

Driven by the school's commitment to create a successful and supportive learning environment for all students, the Ombuds Office was created to provide a place where learners and faculty can discuss concerns, complaints and disputes with an impartial third party in a safe environment.

"As a neutral party, the Ombuds Office is a resource for individuals wishing to explore and determine options for resolving conflicts, lapses in professionalism, allegations of mistreatment and other concerns," said Stephen Bogdewic, PhD, executive vice dean.

In addition to his research into central nervous system pathways and mechanisms, Dr. DiMicco directed a course in pharmacology for second-year medical students at the Indianapolis campus, and also directed the training and research of a dozen doctoral candidates in pharmacology and neuroscience.

The Ombuds Office is located in MS 209G and can be reached at ombudmed@iu.edu or 317-793-0031. For more information on the office, visit medicine.iu.edu.