Sim Center undergoes AV refresh

November 17, 2016

The Simulation Center at Fairbanks Hall is undergoing equipment and technology upgrades worth $800,000 this fall, including an updated audio-visual system.

Simulation Ambulance at the Sim Center | Photo By Tim Yates

The upgrades, meant to improve the sim center's efficiency and reliability, added two more servers to the one server controlling technology at the center, reducing the chances of crashing due to overload. Student feedback was crucial to the upgrade decision making at the center, which is a collaboration between Indiana University’s schools of Medicine and Nursing, and IU Health.

“Using the sim center is a safe and ethical way for students to practice critical thinking. Students can perform a lot of rare procedures here, so that they can be prepared when they do come across these situations in their career,” said Dylan Cooper, MD, director of the Simulation Center and associate professor of clinical emergency medicine.

The computer systems used during the Objective Structured Clinical examination and the practice mannequins have also been updated. Learners at the center can also expect to see new mannequins that are modeled to reflect the diversity of patients seen at hospitals. The changes have been made to reflect the patient population that students will encounter in clinical practice.

“We are always looking to advance the equipment and technology to closely resemble the hospital environment. We want to ensure that all testing done here is standardized and fair for all students,” added Dr. Cooper.

The recent improvements have significantly contributed to the smooth functioning of the sim center, which has been providing a safe simulated hospital environment, including an ambulance set up, for learners since 2009.  The updates will continue through the end of the semester, without any disruption to the use of the center.