Class of 2017 celebrates Match Day

March 23, 2017

Students celebrate Match Day 2017 | Photo By Tim Yates

After much anticipation, Indiana University School of Medicine fourth-year students joined their peers from across the nation to celebrate the end of medical school and learn the details of the next phase of medical training.

Precisely at noon on Friday, March 17, students--along with the support of family and friends--simultaneously opened sealed envelopes, revealing the details of their residency positions.

Better known as “The Match” or “Match Day,” the ceremony is administered by the National Resident Matching Program of the Association of American Medical Colleges. Students apply and interview for their desired residency positions during the final year of medical school. The results of the matching process are kept tightly under wraps until the official ceremony, making it an emotional and exciting day for medical students.

After opening their envelopes, groups of students walked on stage to share the details of their residency positions, and entered the information into an interactive map showing the location they will be heading to, upon graduation.

Not all students matched with their first or second choice, but IU School of Medicine has a history of favorable outcomes for students.

"The national residency match has continued to be especially competitive due to increased numbers of graduating U.S. medical students, and is therefore an anxious time for all graduating seniors nationwide,” said Bradley L. Allen, MD, PhD, senior associate dean for medical student education and associate professor of clinical medicine. “Due to the excellent accomplishments of our students and the rich tradition carried forward by past graduates of IU School of Medicine, our students have once again done extremely well in the 2017 match.”

Students in the IU School of Medicine Class of 2017, who will receive their medical degrees on May 13, accepted residency positions in several distinguished programs across the U.S.

“We are so proud and elated for our students, who will be starting residencies in numerous locations around the state of Indiana and at outstanding residency programs in 40 other states plus the District of Columbia,” Dr. Allen said. “This is the highest number of states our students are headed to in recent memory, which speaks to the quality of the school and more importantly, our students. Our graduates will attend many other prestigious programs in the country, such as Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Yale, the Mayo Clinic, Stanford, Duke and Washington University in St. Louis. For the 101 students who will be training in the state of Indiana, we are especially excited to have them joining us in our pursuit to provide the highest quality health care to all Hoosiers.”

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