IU School of Medicine launches new blogs hub; contributors wanted

June 8, 2017

IU School of Medicine has launched a blogs hub featuring news and insight about the working and learning environment.
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IU School of Medicine, as part of the schoolwide website rebuild work, recently launched a new blogs hub to feature news, stories and helpful insight about the working and learning environment. Along with the school’s new integrated calendar system and faculty profile database, the blogs hub allows the school to better leverage social media to reach journalists and other influencers, while activating an authentic voice about the school, its work and the student/faculty experience.

Prospective students are eager to hear from enrolled students about what medical school is really like; similarly, prospective faculty care deeply about the workplace culture. Real stories humanize the learning and working environment, and blogs are the right platform for delivering personalized advice, insight and information for future and current members of the IU School of Medicine community. For this reason and more, blogs are central to the IU School of Medicine website and digital strategy, and students, faculty and staff are encouraged to contribute to this platform.

To learn more about being a blogger for IU School of Medicine, visit the MedNet Blogs page. If you’re interested in writing for an existing blog or adding a new category, submit a request for access using the form on the website page of MedNet.