New mobile app launches for learners

August 10, 2017

IUSM Mobile provides convenient access to a wide range of resources.Photo By

Efficient, accessible, pertinent information. A mobile app launched early this month to help Indiana University School of Medicine learners find information about a range of services and other types of support—even when they’re not at a computer with wifi access.

Designed with input from medical students and residents, as well as faculty and staff, IUSM Mobile provides convenient access to a wide range of resources, including health and counseling services, calendar events, library resources and transportation information. IUSM Mobile enables users to access campus maps and emergency hotlines, book a room to study and search the IU People directory from a mobile device. By accessing new school databases that are populating the new IU School of Medicine website, the app also offers on-the-go access to pertinent information about medical student education, graduate and health profession programs.

Domingo Uceda, a second-year medical student at the Fort Wayne campus and a member of the app’s advisory committee, said, "Being away from the Indianapolis campus can sometimes make regional campus students feel isolated. I wanted to make the app applicable to all campuses."

Users can submit feedback, visit IU School of Medicine’s new mobile-friendly website, and access social media outlets via the app. Future updates will include features that focus on faculty and staff information needs. While the initial launch is designed for medical students and residents, faculty are encouraged to download the app as well.

"I strongly urge everyone to download IUSM Mobile, tell your peers and give feedback," said Julie Bittar, a second-year medical student in Indianapolis.

To download the app: visit the app store and search “IUSM Mobile.” To see screenshots from the mobile app and for more details, visit MedNet.