Impact, benefits of AMPATH are far reaching

October 12, 2017

Neil Flick has been shuttling between IUPUI and African countries such as Kenya for almost 10 years for the cause of quality health care, despite having no letters like "M" or "D" behind his name.

Flick is the business and finance administrator for Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare oncology, a partnership of universities and academic health centers working together to save lives in Kenya and to improve health care around the world. Led by the IU School of Medicine, AMPATH brings together universities in North America with Moi University, Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, and the Kenyan government.

Over the years, students, staff and faculty have helped save thousands of lives by working with Kenya's Ministry of Health. And along the way they have become better doctors, researchers and administrators serving Hoosiers here at home. 

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